HOT OFF THE PRESS! Today's Globe article about OCH. 

When attorneys or social workers wish their child clients

could attend camp, get a laptop, participate in sports

or have safer housing, they apply here.

 How you help:

Improve Difficult Lives

By paying for

emergency groceries,

you made it possible for a family to remain safe and stable while parents were temporarily unemployed. 

"This support helped the family, especially the children, enormously."

Social worker

Achieve Better Futures

By paying for

summer school

you helped a teen bring his grades up so he would not have to repeat the year. "Research shows that when children are held back, they often become discouraged and drop out."

Child advocate

Remedy Concerns

By paying for

a two month train pass,

a mom was able to reliably attend therapy with her daughter in foster care.

"This assistance helped the family work on their issues together so the child could quickly return home."

Juvenile court attorney

IMPACTFUL CHANGE. OCH'S New Annual Report is here.
Attorneys, social workers, advocates. APPLY HERE:
Thank you for helping vulnerable children.  DONATE HERE:

One Can Help is the only non-profit that focusses on quickly providing the critical resources underserved children and families

in the juvenile court or child welfare system, need to succeed.

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