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CAPTA Graduating High School Senior Scholarship  
Applications must be received in the California State PTA office by  Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 5:00 pm. 
  • This is not a postmark date. If you are mailing your application, your packet must be in the CAPTA office by this date. 
  • If you are submitting it electronically, 5:00 pm is the deadline, not midnight.

The CA State PTA offers Graduating High School Senior Scholarships of $750 to recognize volunteer service by high school seniors in a school and community.

You must provide proof of PTA membership at your high school PTA/PTSA.
Information on additional requirements regarding eligibility criteria, selection process, application tips, forms and more can be found on CA State PTA's website.

Parent Ed
The Smart Talk: Internet Safety

Tuesday, February 6
6:00 pm - 6:30 pm - Light Dinner
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - Event
Gunderson High School
622 Gaundabert Lane [map]
San Jose
Free, all parents invited
RSVP requested so we have enough food

What you hope your kids are doing online isn't always what they're doing. 

Join Sixth District PTA to learn how you can use "The Smart Talk", an interactive website to get on the same page with your kids and establish an open conversation about digital safety.

Help families and kids talk about using digital devices responsibly and decide a few important questions together, like:
  • What are they allowed to post on social media?
  • What should their privacy settings be and what apps can they download?
  • How much screen time is ok?
Once these questions have been answered, a custom agreement is created, which can be printed and signed so that all of the ground rules are easily remembered by everyone.

The Smart Talk Quick Guide [Tips - National PTA]

"...  the time has not been replaced with homework; it's been replaced with screen time."

Cybersafety [CAPTA]

Common Sense Media has many articles to help parents

Sponsored by National PTA, California State PTA, Sixth District PTA, 
San Jose Unified Council of PTAs, and San Jose Unified School District

Tax Returns with "extensions"
Did you file for a tax extension for your 990EZ or 990? Time's almost up!
Tax returns with extensions are due February 15 to the IRS, FTB, and AG.
After filing, please send copies of your 990/990EZ, 199 and RRF-1 to your council or if out-of-council to Sixth District PTA.

Questions: Units in councils, please contact your council treasurer. Out-of-council units, please Sixth District treasurer, Sandee Ruiz.

When's a Good Time to Do Your Bylaws?
How About Now
If you want to make change(s) for next year in 
  • your dues amount, 
  • your officers or 
  • your meeting dates for next year, 
now is the time! These items are all in the bylaws. 
Any changes to bylaws must be submitted to your council (units in councils) or to Sixth District (out-of-council units), then the bylaws go through channels to the CAPTA Parliamentarian. After CAPTA approves the changes, the bylaws are returned to be adopted by your unit.
This sequence takes time (two to three months) - so plan ahead and change your bylaws now!

E-Bylaws [English Only]
English/Spanish Bylaws - please contact Sixth District PTA

Questions: Units in councils, please contact your council parliamentarian. Out-of-council units, please Sixth District parliamentarian, Linda Pfeifer.

Parent Ed - Teen Drivers
Two opportunities to learn how to protect your teen driver

Learn about:
  • Strategies to keep your kids safe on the roads
  • Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) laws 
  • How YOU can help stop the #1 killer of teens in America - reckless and distracted driving

#1  What Do You Consider Lethal?

Monday, January 29, 2018
7:00 pm
Lincoln High School
Lincoln Center ( middle of campus near the science building)
555 Dana Avenue [map]
San Jose
Spanish translation is offered
Sponsored by Lincoln High School PTSA
The Lincoln High School PTSA Speaker series proudly presents a lecture by Leeana Clegg - What Do You Consider Lethal?  This presentation is for students, parents, and community members; anyone 12 years old or older! Please invite friends and family, even those with middle-schoolers. [flyer]

#2   IMPACT: Teen Drivers 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Wilcox High School Theater
Mission City Center for Performing Arts
3250 Monroe Street  [map
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Free event
Parents and Students are all welcome
Sponsored by Wilcox High School PTSA

Learn about teen driving requirements and limitations and distracted driving in this day and age of electronic devices.

Finding the Best People to Lead Your PTA
Most PTA's want to have their nominating committee, find the best nominee for each position, and to have those individuals be a team that will work well together.
To help your nominating committee get started with the process, we have resources from CAPTA and Georgia State PTA:
Nominating Committee First Meeting Agenda
                                   Second Meeting Agenda
                                   Third Meeting Agenda

When Should My Nominating Committee be Elected?
Elections of your 2018-2019 officers should be held in March or during the first two weeks of April. Your unit bylaws will specify which month and week your Annual Association Meeting must be held.
The election of the nominating committee should take place at an association meeting at least two (2) months prior to the Annual Association Meeting.
For some of you, your Nominating Committees will be elected this week or next!

Once elected, it will be the job of the elected nominating committee to find the nominees for the 2017-18 PTA Board.

PTA Calendar of Essential Requirements
January 2018 -

  • Treasurers and secretaries turn over financials and minutes to auditor
  • Nominating Committee Needs to be Elected [Info] [Toolkit]
  • CAPTA Legislation Conference is January 22 - 23
  • Founder's Day - Start planning now for February
  • Insurance Premium - $228 for units
  • Fiduciary Agreements - Info and Form
  • Connect with volunteers signed up for winter/spring activities

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