We have a grievance against CUNA Mutual Group that is going to arbitration on December 19, 2019. We filed the grievance in 2018 and it is in regard to outsourcing Union work to contractors and the contractors are on site at CMG.

Over the years we have had outsourcing of areas and work being transferred to other non-bargaining locations. But not where they are taking our work and giving it to a contractor that is working right next to a represented person doing their work!
We have been working on a project with the company since 2016, we are close to finalizing this project and we will be bringing non-represented positions back into the bargaining unit because they were misclassified. We heard from several of our members that employees had been moved out of the bargaining unit but they were still doing the same or similar work. The Union compiled a list of job descriptions and both parties reviewed the descriptions and determined which positions will be moved back into the bargaining unit.

Thank you to those employees that brought this forward to us. If anyone sees this happening in the future please notify the Union so we can work to determine whether the position has been classified correctly.