January 2018 Newsletter 
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New Work: 
Wishes on the Wind

I started this quilt at Quilting by the Lake, way back in July.  I worked on it SO intensely during that week that I needed a break from it when I got home.  Finally, I pulled it out in November and finished it up.

That included adding paint to it!  Which was a little intimidating.  But, I love the translucent quality I was able to achieve.  I think I'll be using this again. 
I had difficulty deciding on a title.  The swirling background and static central motif conjured up completely different ideas in my head, so I was stumped.  I asked for suggestions on FaceBook and one reader said it reminded her of blowing wishes from a dandelion.  That did it!  "Wishes on the Wind" had a title. 

I've done quite a bit of blogging about the making of this quilt, starting with black and white class exercises, translating class sketches to color, and finally   adding cording and paint at home.

Looking Forward, Looking Back

At this time of year we tend to think ahead to our desires for the coming year.  But, I like to look back as well.  I always want to remember the art I've created, the lessons learned, and yes, even, the things I don't want to repeat.

One of the fun things I did this year was to try my hand at abstraction with painting and collage, as seen here.

Check out my full blog post on things I learned this year.
Class Results
I love it when students send me photos of their finished class projects.  So, I was delighted when Jane Knaub sent me this photo  showing her quilt made in a Floral Improv class. What a fun and lively piece.  She's named it Dotted Florals.  See a larger version of Jane's quilt and others in the "Floral Improv" gallery.

Have I taught at your guild recently?  If not, you might want to consider this fun class.  As the name implies, Floral Improv students master creating flowers without a pattern and then learn how to effectively arrange them.  More info.
What's New

I'm a big believer in looking for blessings all around.  If you do so, you'll definitely find some.

Recently, I wasn't looking, but I found one anyway: a scraggly little pathetic Christmas "tree" on the side of the road.  It was lit and had ornaments and everything, even though it was basically just two twigs.

The idea that someone would erect this purely to bring joy to its viewers gave me great delight!  Read more about it on my blog.

Other new blog posts:

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Enjoy the adventure!
Ellen Lindner
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