Mail Order Alert
Shipping Season Underway + Hot Hostas
Hello Canadian Gardeners,
It's peak season at Phoenix Perennials and we are working hard to try to keep up with all the growing plants, all the on-site customers, and all of your mail orders which we are in the process of shipping.

Below you'll find some information on our shipping process so you can understand what is going on at our end when it comes to shipping your order.

And for some eye candy we give you a little photo essay on some of our many hot Hosta available this year.


Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians
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How Do I Know When My Order is Shipping?

When orders ship is a complex question since we are dealing with so many variables. The main variable is our 1000 different mail order plants. We are growing three quarters of them ourselves on site at Phoenix Perennials and each one comes ready at a different time. The other quarter of our mail order plants come in from various suppliers. These plants also come ready at different times and ship in to us on different schedules. The growth of plants is, of course, dependent on spring weather conditions which, on the West Coast, was quite cool this year so we are finding much of our production is coming ready a week or two later than usual and many of our shipments from suppliers are also a little later than usual. Also, remember that we are not shipping bare root or small plugs. We are shipping full size plants and these take some time to grow.

The next set of variables is related to where you are located. In early spring we cannot ship to you until your weather warms up so plants grown on the mild West Coast aren't sent into shock by ice and snow in your part of the country. The other consideration related to where you live is how long plants will have to spend in a box to get to you. Some shipments within BC can take just one business day while shipments to Ontario and Quebec take 4-6 days (depending on where you are) and shipments to the East Coast can take 6-8 days. The bigger a plant is, the more tolerant it is of the shipping process. For that reason, we might wait a few weeks to ship a given plant to eastern Canada even though we have already been shipping it within BC. We are also limited by the Victoria Day long weekend which falls in the middle of our shipping season. On this short week we can only ship to four day locations which is BC to Manitoba plus Toronto and its inner cities. Ever year it seems this holiday pushes back many shipments to the East by a week that could have shipped out on the Victoria Day Monday if Canada Post was operating.

Another consideration for us is trying to ship complete orders. Most of your plants might be ready but we might have to wait a week or two for one last plant to be ready to ship so we can complete your order. We want to get you all of your plants and we want to minimize shipping costs by shipping everything together. If you have placed a large order that is going to have to ship in multiple boxes we might ship your order in a few different parts over the shipping season as different groups of plants come ready.
Each week we evaluate every order based on the above criteria and considerations in order to decide which orders can be shipped. Overall, we aim to ship you complete orders of strong, beautiful plants as soon as possible. If we haven't shipped to you yet, it's because of some of the reasons outlined above. Be assured that we are working hard to connect you with your plants as soon as possible.
Not Your Grandma's Hostas!
Hosta have come a long way in recent years. At Phoenix Perennials we've been loving all of the new introductions offering new and unique shapes, sizes, and variegations that just 10 years ago would have been unheard of. These innovations include tricolours, miniatures, highly rippled forms, bold colours that hold strong through the summer, and even a burgundy-leaved Hosta. Here is a selection of some of our many amazing Hosta!:
Hosta 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' - Plantain Lily - Hosta 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' is a sport of 'Striptease' with tricolour yellow, dark green, and white leaves.
Hosta 'Forbidden Fruit' - Plantain Lily - Hosta 'Forbidden Fruit' has brilliant golden orange-yellow centres surrounded by a wide blue green margin.
Hosta (Mini) 'Sun Mouse' - Miniature Hosta - Hosta 'Sun Mouse' is a twin to 'Blue Mouse Ears' except that it is brilliant yellow.
Hosta Shadowland 'Waterslide' - Plantain Lily - Hosta 'Waterslide' forms a dramatic mound 18 inches tall and 30 inches wide of powder blue to blue-grey, pointed, ruffled, and twisted leaves of heavy substance.
Hosta 'Hans' - Plantain Lily - Hosta 'Hans' has corrugated, puckered, and folded leaves that are blue-green, mid green, and creamy white.
'Snake Eyes' is a bold and unique tricolour Hosta with distinctive white streaks and two colours of green.
Hosta 'First Blush' is the first burgundy-leaved cultivar and a breakthrough in Hosta breeding!
Hosta 'Designer Genes' - Plantain Lily - Hosta 'Designer Genes' is the best combination of yellow foliage held on red petioles available today.
Hosta 'Wiggles and Squiggles' - Plantain Lily - Hosta 'Wiggles and Squiggles' forms low mounds 10 inches tall but 24 inches wide with narrow, lance-shaped, heavily rippled, pointed, bright yellow leaves.
Hosta 'Ben Vernooij' has super thick foliage that is intense blue with wide, creamy white margins.
Hosta (Mini) 'Blue Elf' - Miniature Hosta - 'Blue Elf' is a miniature Hosta similar to 'Blue Mouse Ear's but with larger leaves in a true powder blue colour.
Hosta 'Seducer' is a big bold beauty with blue-green leaves edged in gold.
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