Hello Learners Chess Spring 2017 Parents.

Happy Friday!

As the semester winds down, one complicaton for us is communicating what the last day of chess cub will be for each school. And even figuring it out is sometimes complicated, as each club needs to meet 12 times but some schools miss days that others don't. 

We have taken the time to figure out where we're at with each club and below are the end days for each one: 

For all APS and RRPS elementary schools (does not include Arroyo del Oso, Manzano Mesa, or Zuni's Children's Choice Chess Clubs. CC will notify you all of the last day of those clubs), NMIS, TMES, Alice King, Mountain Mahogany, Montessori of the Rio Grande, Placitas, Coral, SABE, and St. Charles, here are the final days for clubs that meet each day of the week: 

  • Monday clubs: Last day is April 24th 
  • Tuesday clubs: Last day is April 18th
  • Wednesday clubs: Last day is April 19th
  • Thursday clubs: Last day is April 20th
  • Friday clubs: Last day is April 28th (no chess club on the 14th because of Vernal Holiday)

Clubs that have an extra meeting because they've missed more than the others over the course of the semester:

  • Escuela del Sol goes until May 1st
  • Holy Ghost goes until May 1st
  • Cien Aguas goes until April 26th
  • Eisenhower goers until May 12th
Vernal Holiday Chess Camp: April 14th
Does your child need a place to go during the Vernal Holiday? 
Do they want to come play chess for a half or full day?
Upcoming Chess and/or Bughouse Tournament: April 23rd!

This is a great event for the first time tournament player or any player rated below 1200!
Also, it's a good one for kids who love to play bughouse!
  • Chess tournament from 1:30-4:30pm
  • Bughouse from 4:30pm-5:45pm

Trophies awarded to top three finishing players in each 8 player section and to the top three finishing bughouse teams!

Summer Chess Camp!

Next early bird discount deadline is April 30th! Pay $125 instead of $155 for a week of half days and $225 instead of $265 for a week of full days!

Sign up here to give your kids a great enriching summer learning experience! 

Our Central NM Team Chess League Finals went incredibly well with over 300 students competing on the day and the organizational frustrations from last year getting mostly solved! The process for us to publish the results takes a little while, but we'll send those out soon. Also, Double Eagle players, check out this Sunday's ABQ Journal's chess section. Coach Eddie, who writes that column said he'd mention your alls' championship from this past weekend!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Coach Victor Lopez
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