When is the last time you renegotiated your reimbursements? This can and must be done.
An evergreen clause, or automatic renewal provision , is a key term in many payer contracts.

Often, practices just let contracts renew year after year without reviewing them.

The problem is that practices change: new services are added, costs increase, size of patient panels grow, etc.
The last quarter of the year is the signal to start evaluating the past year and planning for the coming one. This is especially important for small practices that already have low reimbursement rates.
Now is the time to gather your ammunition. 

With our Physician Charge and Payer Analysis (PCPA) Tool:

  • Inventory, catalog and analyze your payer contracts and fee schedules.
  • Compare your payer contracts and use the results to negotiate better rates.
  • Perform "What-If" analysis - a critical step towards successful contract negotiations.
  • Draft an impactful proposal letter (emphasizing your value) using our templated payer letters. Counter offer with proven strategies and tactics.
  • Learn key payer contract language and what to look for; “amendments” and “lesser of” language.
The Opportunity is Yours - Seize It
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