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In one study at the beginning of a blogging program,
a site received 608 visitors per month

Midway into the program, site traffic almost
doubled to 1,132 visitors.

But by the 13th month of the program, this site
was receiving 6,379 visitors per month.

Are Trade Publications Dying?

The Death of Trade Publications Has been Greatly Exaggerated

For those who have concluded that trade publications have lost their value, it’s time to think again. Many publications have adjusted to their changing role and changes in information delivery allowing them to continue to play a significant and vital role in the industries they serve, now and in the future...
Turning Words into Sales
Customer Testimonials
I believe Robert has helped me considerably. My business has definitely grown in the past year

Robert Kravitz of AlturaSolutions Communications has been helping me promote my business for the past year. He has also written a series of articles for me for various magazines.

Not only have his articles been well received by editors, they have also received accolades from many readers who have appreciated both their content and clear presentation.

I recommend Robert Kravitz for corporate communications and communication work to all those doing business in the cleaning industry.

David Frank, President, American Institute for Cleaning Sciences

Forget about the Edsel being a flop. In 1957, Ford introduced a car that was not only a flop, it became the relentless butt of jokes.

This car had two front ends. One faced one direction and the other faced the opposite direction.

Both front ends had steering wheels, a full set of controls, as well as brake and gas pedals.

The idea, apparently, was that if the driver wanted to change directions fast, all they had to do was hop into the other front seat and take off.

Ford decided there was no need for two engines. One would suffice and also hold down costs.

Possibly the car was built for schizophrenics, who had trouble deciding which way to go. However, most Americans just walked away out the door after checking out the Ford with two front ends.
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