We are preaching the Good News in Archangelsk region - the town of Severodvinsk and villages around.

I just came back from 3 days conference in Severodvinsk where people from White sea area came to hear the message of Redemption and experience the healing and restoring power of God!
Without miraculou s all we have is just another region! People need to experience the transforming power of God !
Accepting Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit!

Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is the most important decision of your life and the most joyful!!
Jesus opened deaf ear !!!
A little old lady Ida is the happiest person I 've seen! She says - Jesus changed my life and He is EVERYTHING FOR ME! All her life she had DEAF RIGHT EAR . During prayer Jesus opened her ear and she could hear perfectly! Ida laughed and testified! Everybody was so happy!

YOUR FAITH MADE YOU WHOLE!!! ! Every day the Message of Redemption was preached and people's faith was encouraged ! I can tell the most of the miracles were inspired by people's faith and great expectation!!
Testimony after testimony of healing !
Lady with back injury with constant pain was healed and was bending over and jumping up and down rejoicing !

Abdominal pain because of cyst was gone absolutely!

Jesus is the healer!
Just watch Sunday worship for 20 sec
Questions and answers !

One of the most my favourite times - answering questions of young and seasoned believers! It is such an honore to be available to people!
Nothing better that fellowshipping with people, having tea and cookies with them !
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