Why Would You Want a Hybrid Press?
Data is driving documents these days, which means print service providers must offer variable data printing capabilities. Many have filled this need by investing in standalone digital printers, but that solution doesn’t always deliver the speed, flexibility, or cost savings necessary for the job. By adding hybrid color or monochrome inkjet modules to web presses, printers can extend the useful life of expensive equipment–much of which they have fully depreciated.
If you haven't upgraded your presses yet, it's time to seriously consider how you will compete in a data-driven economy.
Adding variable data print modules to existing presses protects investments in existing printing and finishing equipment. Printing companies can provide the personalization and segmentation their customers demand while leveraging familiar workflows and staff experience.
Even jobs that don’t call for individually personalized documents can benefit from a hybrid production line. Printers can avoid a drop in productivity and rising costs from running too many small jobs on their analog presses. By adding hybrid print modules to their presses, printers can merge several jobs to make longer print runs, using the new print heads to image only portions of the pieces that differ among versions.

Direct Mail Applications
Studies prove that personalization improves direct mail response. The newest hybrid digital print modules produce high-quality text and images, enabling marketers to send each mail recipient an offer relevant to their demographic, sales history, or geographic profile.
Printers can personalize membership cards or coupons with language preferences, photographs, graphs, or maps.
With nearly all direct marketing campaigns moving to multi-channel, printers with hybrid print engines can produce printed materials that match the variability present in corresponding messages distributed through electronic channels.
Beyond Marketing
Print service providers can align hybrid print modules to cover wide print widths. Printers may create new revenue streams by printing highly variable documents like bills and notices. Full color features like pie charts or bar graphs make dull transactional documents more interesting and impactful.
Digital personalization can also play a part in customer retention. By providing all necessary variable data features in-house, print service companies won’t have to send work out of the facility to complete projects. Take control of the entire process without exposing clients to the work of other, possibly competing, companies.
Familiar Workflow, Leveraged Investment
Adding digital print heads to existing web presses allows printing companies to keep their existing workflow. Finishing equipment will still be compatible and operators will make the shift to variable data documents within a comfortable, familiar environment.
Continue generating revenue from your investments in expensive printing equipment by upgrading your existing machines. Meet the needs of today’s clients without reconfiguring your entire shop!
When American Litho recognized they had to add variable data color printing to meet customer demands and protect their investments in printing technology they turned to Document Data Solutions for the answer.

Read how HP C800 print modules powered by DDS iDataPrint TM software created the ideal platform for growth at this Midwest print services company.

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