units operate thanks to the absorption cycle - a different,
more efficient way to produce heating and cooling as compared to electric heat
pump alternatives. 
Specifically, the ROBUR GAHP-AR - a first air-source, water-ammonia absorption
heat pump - serves as a one-stop shop for all of your 
heating, cooling and supplemental Domestic Hot Water needs. Driven by thermal energy powered by
a gas burner, 
the GAHP-AR's required electric energy is limited to ONLY  three
moving parts!
By not requiring a compressor to operate, generators can be substantially reduced in size!!! In fact, ROBUR is perfect for buildings with only single phase power!
What's not to love about the ROBUR GAHP-AR with even more features like these:
  • Quiet
  • Easy maintenance
  • Complete flexibility and modularity
  • 87% reduction in electrical power requirement
  • No water consumption
  • No use of harmful refrigerants
  • Outdoor installation
  • No comfort reduction during defrosting cycles
To learn more about this product and ROBUR, click here.

Are you having trouble replacing coils because there is limited room for coil pull?  For replacement projects that require very long coils, Aerofin Split-Fit coils can be split into many sections, saving you time and an unnecessary headache.
When you think of coils - think of Aerofin, a trusted leader in the industry for all of your replacement coil needs.
When it's critical, our coils keep their cool. Read our case study regarding a nuclear project here.


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