"When The Shots Are Fired - Protect Yourself"
December 2017
The Talon Shield

When The Shots Are Fired - Protect Yourself 

Billions of dollars are spent every year on cyber security. We have devices that communicate through apps to secure a home; individual home security systems, smart doorbells that allow you to see who is at the door or on the side of the garage through a floodlight and even apps for safety alerts. Yet in a world where digital connection and cyber security spending are the norm…the necessity and simplicity of personal protection has been overlooked.

The common denominator in every cyber threat, cybercrime, home invasion or campus threat is the human element . It is time that organizations, as well as individuals, focus on protecting what matters most… human life . Leatherback Gear has patented a line of backpacks and bags that does just that. Now anyone can have split second front and back protection in an active shooter threat. Much like smart home devices, Leatherback Gear has taken an industry starving for innovation and created an entirely new market through an everyday item that virtually everyone carries.
Leatherback Gear’s backpacks that convert into a protective vest within seconds are to active shooter threats what the fire extinguisher is to a fire threat; an everyday, simple, practical reaction to a life-threatening problem. From Las Vegas to Los Angeles to New York to Dubai, Leatherback Gear’s line of rugged, yet convertible backpacks and bags are easily carried throughout airports and on airplanes and found within the law enforcement community to schools.

When an active shooter event occurs, anyone with the Leatherback Gear backpack, can convert the backpack into a bulletproof vest within seconds to protect their front and back torso from up to a .44 caliber bullet…the same level of protection that Police Officers wear in the field every day. The backpacks are complete with built-in detachable tourniquets that can be used to halt the loss of valuable blood in the event a person is shot in the arms or legs, or used as straps to secure a door or even drag someone to safety.

The Leatherback Gear backpack was designed specifically to fill the gap of the 2-4-minute gap between when the shots start to when Police arrive on scene. It gives everyday people time to escape from the horrific, life-threatening situation. Once it has been deployed as a bullet proof shield, a person can Run, Hide, or Fight with their hands free while wearing it. With their product, you are carrying the equivalent of an executive protection agent on your back everywhere you go.

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Talon offers training in “Targeted Violence Prevention & Active Threat Response”. Our program is certified by the California Bar Association for MCLE credits. Call us today to learn how we can help you and your people.

Ron Williams, CFS
United States Secret Service-Retired
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