Dear OJC families, 

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since we Zoomed and gathered, somewhat scattered for the High Holidays? The time is fast approaching once again, and we know you have questions. While it’s still a moving target of sorts, and we 100% plan to offer Zoom participation this year, we also have a strong baseline strategy for gathering in-person at long last. Special thanks to the 30% (135+) who shared their perspectives via the recent survey (you know, the one we sent out three times in 30 minutes). The video which accompanies this note lays things out piece-by-piece, but it appears below as well. Thank you for your patience and your continued commitment to our community. We hope to see you, in any number of ways, quite soon!

  • Zoom portal will be open and sharing the events in the Main Sanctuary throughout the High Holidays.

  • Our main sanctuary “red seats” will once again be made available to those who wish to avail themselves of their pre-existing reserved status. This entire section will be mask optional and we hope to fill every seat! Those we don’t, will be made available via lottery at the noted reserved price (see mailer for details).

  • Behind the “red seats,” from the wood tile back to the partition (which will remain closed), seats may be reserved for family ‘pods’ on a first-come, first-served basis. This section will be mask mandatory with distancing.

  • Our Chavurah service returns in the Daily Chapel, mask optional, not distanced, approx. 200 seats. We ask that you reserve a seat here as soon as you’re ready as we expect it to fill fast. As in years past, there is no “fee” for these seats.

  • Our Family Service (infants through Grade 3 recommended; masks optional) will convene on the Sukkah Patio (for optimum security) and will be accessed through the Simcha Room which will not be utilized for main sanctuary seating. 

  • A Junior Congregation service is being developed (grades 3 - 7) and will take place in the Youth Lounge.

  • The parking lot tent will be reserved for “check-in,” “meet-ups,” and general Q&A. 

This is our best effort given current information and the survey feedback to date. We recognize this may not represent ideal scenarios for everyone. If a member of your family is unvaccinated please contact OJC President Matt Schiering on a case by case basis to discuss accommodations.

Please direct all other inquiries to our Office staff or OJC President, Matt Schiering.

OJC Board of Trustees