February 2016 Edition
Dear Beloved,

Welcome to the February Newsletter. I know that most of us are in a special time of fasting and praying. We pray that you will have mighty encounters in the secret place in Jesus Name.

We are excited that the Lord chose this season for our Kingdom Advance conference (March the 31st to April the 2nd). Some may be emerging from having spent time in the Lord's Presence to celebrate Him at Easter and then receive what He has prepared for us during the conference.

I hope that like me, you have invited ALL your family, friends and well wishers, and have made sure they are registered. It remains then to pray them in. This is important as the enemy will try to keep many away. Also please find on the right the poster for a Youth Invasion Conference holding specially for the Youths on Sunday 3rd April at University of Lagos from 2pm. Please encourage the youths in the family to attend this.Our Intercessors are assuring us of great favour from our good good Father over this conference.

In His Presence

Jesus loves to invite us into more of Himself and all that He is. The whole Bible is full of words of invitation like, come, draw near, enter in, and so on. However, there are so many other ways that our Lord Jesus invites us to enter into that is easy to overlook.
I was reading the final chapters of the gospel of John and noticed one of those awesome invitations. The thing with an invitation is that you have to respond to it, either positively , negatively or ignore it.....!
John 20 v 17  I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

We read here that Jesus having modelled His love relationship with His Father while on earth, (see the gospels) was now inviting us to enter into that same love relationship. He wanted to help us understand that whatever He enjoyed as the Son, He had paid for us to enjoy as well. I thought it was so gracious of Jesus, to want to share His most priced possession with you and I. Yes, He was speaking to His disciples, but it's something that still comes down to us through the ages as we await His return. We should remember too, that these were disciples who had disappointed Jesus during His time of great need on the cross and He had come back to affirm them in His love and was now departing and saying just as He is my Father, He is your Father too so enter into all I have with Him. It made me realise how mightily loved and valued we are by Jesus. Indeed we are the object of His love, we are His Bride and He desires that we draw near and encounter Him in the recess of our heart. We need to learn to be the type of Son that Jesus was so we can enjoy this relationship. Jesus knew that this would be a challenge so asked God the Father to send the Holy Spirit to help us ( John 16v 7). God's greatest desire is that we are transformed into the likeness of His Son. Jesus went on to boldly declare that you and I would do more than He had done ( John 14v 12). Now, that's a huge promise, and I don't know about you, but I would like to see the body of Christ walking in all of that. If Jesus has made such a great promise to us, what are the things that hold us back? How are we wired as human beings and are we supposed to be striving so much in life? 
At this point, I need to explain that we are made up of Body, Soul and Spirit. In very broad terms, the body consists of the flesh. The soul is the inner man (mind, emotion and will) and our Spirit man communicates with the Spirit of God. The ideal should be for our Spirit man that is in communication with God to lead us and instruct the soul and body to come under submission to it. 
However, we are often times led by the flesh, and spend our time catering to its needs which is always about me and more me.!.Its the big problem of 'self.' It's like sitting in a very small chair, where our view is so limited. Here, we are distracted by all God is doing around us, because we are concentrating on keeping self happy and content. When unchecked, it encourages a life of selfishness and lack of desire to enter into our God-ordained purpose. This is why Jesus advised us to pick up our cross daily and follow Him. In my words, it's basically crucify the flesh everyday so we can get into His programme.

Another aspect we can look at, is the question of our feelings. Taking puppies on a walk, their manner of running down different routes gives one an example of how our feelings can often work. You have the choice of running after the puppies or keeping on course and making them follow you. That way, you find that they usually return to follow your trail. Our ability to study the Word of God, and be grounded in that, is what enables us to stay on course or on the trail. We cannot afford to be led by our feelings because they may be up one day and down the next. Feelings that can't be trusted, should not be acted upon. We need something more reliable and that is the written Word and the Spirit. We are responsible for what we feed our eyes and ears, on. These are portals or entry points into our hearts. If we feed (spiritual) our bodies with the written Word, then that becomes the foundation on which we stand and keeps us on a steady course no matter what storm.
Because Jesus desires that with the help of the Holy Spirit, we enter into the fullness of the relationship that He has with His Father and Our Father, We therefore should be seated in His chair with Him, at the right hand of God the Father (Hebrews 8 v 1, 10 v 12, Ephesians 2 v 6 ). This really is the seat that was reserved for His children. In this privileged position our thoughts and desires are similar and align with His. Here all the emphasis is on What He is doing ( not what He is not doing) and where He is ruling from. The authority that He gave us, is recognised and obeyed by principalities and powers. 
Jesus was confined to a body just as we are, and could only be in one place at a time. However, the Holy Spirit can be in each of us at the same time guiding and empowering us. It remains for us to learn to quieten our body and soul that loves to control, and bring them into submission to our spirit man that communes with the Gods Spirit. That way our perception becomes far reaching and decisions are made with the Holy Spirit perspective.We begin to live from God instead of for God (Leif Hetland quote) 
We are being invited for an upgrade, to join Jesus who is sitting on the right hand side of God. It is here that we enjoy the love relationship Jesus had with His Father and our Father God. Wherever we are in that love relationship, there still is so much more available.
My prayer is that we will all take the upgrade and press into more of what Christ died on the cross for us to enjoy from His Father and our Father.

God bless you.
Upcoming Event
For those who attended this conference before, we will like you to prayerfully invite and bring along at least ten other people, so they get blessed.

We ask you to please advertise it in your churches, so that others can come to receive impartation at the conference.

Please encourage your friends to take time off work, to fully engage and receive all that the Lord has in store for us at this conference.

Donate Online
Donate Towards Kingdom Advance Conference - Easter 2016

Kingdom Harvest Conference 2015

More pictures and testimonies are up on the website about the last Kingdom Harvest Conference 2015.

If you know anyone who has a testimony from the conference, please ask them to send to info@lapislazuliministries.org

Bethel Sozo

We are creating host homes where Sozo videos can be watched, please get in touch with Lapis Lazuli Ministries office, if you are interested.

Personal Bethel Sozo sessions are taking place at the office (3rd Floor Maku House, 109 Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi, Lagos). Please book on the website or send an email to info@lapislazuliministries.org if you would like to have a personal sozo. If you will like to be trained up to minister in sozo, please get in touch with us.

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve you all.

God's blessings,


Femi and Mina Bajomo
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