Shorter newsletter than usual but
important information contained! :)
Jimmy aka Patricia just had knee surgery and will be out for at least 3-4 weeks. We are short staffed during this time but we promise to process and send orders in the timely manner to which you have all been accustomed to receiving.
This leaves less time for a newsletter to be put together. We promise to bring you more in depth content in the next few weeks.

Please read the following updates to know what is going on with shipping rates, and combining of orders.  
Free Shipping Option - Please Please Read - This is very important!!

Orders placed in the USA over $195 (no discount coupons)
are qualified for free shipping.

This is the only FREE shipping we offer.

We have an option on our site to combine orders -

(which adds only 1 cent to your order - without extra shipping being added (as long as it fits in the package option you picked with your first order) We can still always combine, even if it won't fit of course, we would just contact you to let you know there is more shipping required.

Unfortunately we have orders coming through where the combine order option has been chosen when there is not a current order. We have tried so many different ways of wording this and it doesn't seem to be clear. We don't want to be confusing, we just want to be able to give a hassle free way for customers to add an order to their existing order.

When this shipping option is chosen and the order does not qualify, we email customers to find out which shipping option they are desiring for their package. This slows down those individual orders which does delay processing of the order anywhere from 3-7 days (and then some if difficult to contact the customer).

Please choose the right option for your shipping :)
This will save us so much time contacting customers, and will also insure your package is shipped in a timely manner.


Due to recent postal rate increases for overseas and Canadian orders, there will rarely be any refunds for shipping past this point. I always enjoyed this as saving our customers some money, if only, a dollar or two. Please understand we have zero control over the raising of postal rates.  :-(

We will be updating over the next few weeks to reflect this.

Thank you for understanding!  

Sample Program - Super Size ME!

We have increased the size of our samples so you have enough product to give us feedback. Remember, we only offer finished products that our customer deem worthy. Feedback is essential. ��

Thank You and Have A Great Weekend!
Your GoW Team

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