Wear With Pride ...
In Memory
- Fred Campbell
Michelle Blenker and New Friend
- 2019 VO Atlanta Unicorn Award!


"Your VoiceOverXtra hat has been with me to ...
- Washington, DC
- Santa Monica, CA
- Burbank, CA
- Los Angeles
- The Maldives
- New York
- London, England
- Albuquerque, NM
- Santa Fe, NM
- Gran Canaria, Spain
- Rhode Island
- & New Orleans!"
           - Ana Clements

Tracy Lindley
Joe Cipriano
Erik Sheppard

Debbie Miles
Kevin Charles
Pat Kirchner

Mark Smith
Natasha Marchewka
Dan Delgado

Jorge Infante
Martha Kahn

You Can, Too ...
The VoiceOverXtra Original
Voice Actor's Hat

Seen On Top Heads in the VO Biz
       ... How 'Bout Yours?

Rugged and Comfortable ...
  • Khaki color 6-panel 100% washed superior cotton twill
  • Sturdy sandwhich-style visor and soft crown
  • Embroidered with VoiceOverXtra's red trademarked mic logo
  • Adjustable strap to comfortably fit your head
  • Inner padded sweat band
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