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Hi Cindy,

In the past, I haven’t talked about Texting (SMS) as a B2B digital marketing form because it hasn’t typically been used for Business-to-Business (B2B). B2Consumer has used it successfully for several years. The thought behind its usage by B2B has changed some. It’s still early but read below to learn more.

Have you noticed that when you do a Google search, that lucky top spot shows the answer to your question without clicking through to the website? It turns out that the top location may not be fortunate for the website. Read about what happens when Google takes your clicks.

A big holiday is this weekend. While you enjoy your family get-togethers and good weather (fingers crossed), please remember those who died fighting for our country. We owe them so much.


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How to Use LinkedIn to Build a Valuable Network of Professionals

Why Marketers Should Prioritize Social Selling

Social selling is the practice of cultivating a professional network that you engage with on social media. Essentially the opposite of direct selling, social selling is a relatively slow process that allows you to establish trust and build relationships with prospects organically over time.

Although social selling often takes longer than more direct methods, it can really pay off. Nearly 80% of salespeople who use social selling report that they outsell colleagues who don’t use these tactics.

...

Don’t Miss the Big News Hidden in Google’s Cool AI Tools Announcements

Google gathered to announce all the things they’re developing.

Google’s reveals focused on its main product and revenue model – search and advertising. Not surprisingly, those two categories pique the interest of marketers everywhere. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Among the more fun news comes an immersive view for routes in...Read More>>>

Does SEO Still Matter to Content Marketing When Google Takes Your Clicks?

Google works hard to give searchers answers without making them click through to content pages. That’s why the quantity of no-click answers on its search engine results pages seems to grow every day.

Meanwhile, content marketers work hard to improve their rankings on search engine results pages because they want searchers to click on their content.

Given these seemingly opposing goals, does it still make sense for content marketers to invest time and valiant effort in SEO?...Read More>>>

B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing Plans

Marketing Pathways can develop a complete B2B marketing strategy for your business that will gain attention, create buzz, and create sales leads.

B2B Market Research...

B2B Blog Strategy to Implement in 2023

Do you want to know the secret to successful blogging? It’s a blog strategy.

Think about it.

Can you achieve your blogging goals and objectives without someone to guide you?

Can you attract quality traffic if you don’t know who you’re targeting?

Can you reach that audience without a distribution and promotion plan?...Read More>>>

SMS B2B Marketing In The Modern Age Of Social Media

Usually, the B2B marketing landscape is a different kind of beast. You need special strategies to target other companies and convince them that your business is the right option. Email, cold call, direct meeting, those were the ways that B2B marketing used to work.

But the world is changing, and so do business to business models. Especially with the pandemic going on, companies more than ever need indirect marketing ways to connect with their potential customers. Social media was a good choice because of its modern features, but ...Read More>>>

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