Leach Botanical Garden

Hello Albert,

I hope you're having a great Summer. The world's a bit topsy-turvy right now and one antidote I've found is getting out into nature. I took the picture above at the Leach Botanical Garden yesterday - it's a beautiful gem in Portland's amazing park system. The next 2 weeks will feature some beautiful weather - make sure to soak it up and at least get outside in your backyard if you can!

And, as James Cordon says - And now for the news! I've noticed that for the last couple of years I'm starting my day with two email newsletters. One from Robert Hubbell called Today's Edition and the other by historian Heather Cox Richardson: Letters from an American. Whether you agree with their politics, both authors are doing an incredible job of sifting through the media landscape and make sense of what's going on in a calm and clear way. This is a value of email newsletters that is up and coming.

I've always touted putting yourself into your company's newsletter as a way of making a deeper connection with your audience and both of these writers do that & more. Ms. Richardson sometimes takes a break and just shares a photograph by her partner Buddy. Mr. Hubbell often shares a bit of family news thus bringing us into his life and making the rest of what he writes seem all that much more believable. And Today's Edition is about moving people to action, something that I'm a big fan of. I'm often asking people who are trying to save a forest or species - what's the action step you'd like to get your followers to take?

Well, here's an action step (he said, casually switching gears). I've been finding myself drawn for years into Facebook groups. That's where I spend most of my time on Facebook (and I spend too much time there, I know!). But if you're wanting to make something happen in this world, the tool of online groups is somewhat incredible. I'm offering a tutorial on how to make use of these groups this Friday @ 11 am. If you register you'll get a recording of the event even if you can't make it.

You can get an idea of what the class this Friday will be like by checking out how I've been supporting the work of the Portland Fruit Tree Project in the article below. The fruit in our area is ripening and I'm a big fan of making sure it doesn't get wasted.

Take care and happy Summer's end.

Albert Kaufman


Portland, Oregon


PS - if you're using Constant Contact and ever want a 15-minute Zoom one-on-one - please visit my website and schedule some time with me. I'd be happy to show you some of the latest features.

PPS - One of the more fun things that I use Constant Contact for is to send out a fun annual birthday message. If you don't get this from me and would like to - hit reply and send me your birthday.

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If you have extra fruit or vegetables consider offering it to your neighbor

Share in the Harvest are social groups that connect people in the area who want to offer homegrown food. You can share veggies, herbs, fruit, eggs, and more! Please feel free to ask for what you're seeking, too. Here are some new groups I started in the last 3 days.

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Facebook Groups Class August 27th @ 11am

Beach sunset in Port Townsend, WA - photo by James Curtis.

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