Fund Partners, 

When I ran track in high school, I was fortunate to have a coach who trained me to run uphill effectively. I learned that it was on the hills that I had to be physically and mentally prepared to run faster in order to make great gains. With this preparation, I was easily able to pass other runners during competition. While they tended to slow down on the hills, it came naturally to me to speed up. 

Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF) operates in much the same way. As a financial first responder, we must be resourceful and fearless to ensure that financial assistance reaches individuals in need as quickly and efficiently as possible, no matter the unique circumstances. We remain adaptable by harnessing technology, developing scalable platforms and procedures, and constantly evaluating and improving our processes. Our 100+ team members, located across 10 different time zones, are ready to respond through every crisis.

Our preparation and agility make it possible for EAF to speed up on the hills. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw more than 20x the volume of grant applications compared to a traditional disaster event. But with practiced and proven processes in place, we were able to provide a total of more than $100 million in grants to individuals in need throughout the year.

In 2021, when EAF will celebrate our tenth anniversary, we remain dedicated to assisting those experiencing financial hardship and committed to supporting all of our Fund Partners as you endeavor to help your own. We’ll reinforce our efforts throughout the year with various initiatives, including moving from monthly to annual fees for program support services in order to lower your costs, introducing an identity theft protection offering for applicants, completing the transition of all Funds to our enhanced online grant application platform, and more.

We look forward to sharing more about these initiatives in our quarterly newsletters and other communications throughout the year. As always, please reach out to your Relief Fund Senior Advisor with any questions or concerns.