What's Next
Dear Friends of OC Human Relations,

OC Human Relations has been actively committed to addressing Prejudice, Discrimination, Intolerance, Bias, Hate and Injustice for the past few decades.

OC Human Relations Council engages diverse stakeholders and community in:

Conflict Resolution. Mediation. Safe and Respectful Schools.
Diversity and Inclusion. Community Building. Mutual Understanding.

These efforts are proven practices that our staff passionately engage in daily so that we can build mutual understanding among residents to eliminate discrimination, intolerance and prejudice.

We'd like to share with you some of the initiatives that we are currently working on below. We invite you to know it, understand it, change it.

Know It.
Understand It.
Change It.

Know it:
These resources are designed to engage communities in greater understanding of the current issues.

Understand it:

Our expert staff take great pride in preparing curriculum to benefit the various needs of the diverse OC community

Build your awareness: check out a series of posts by our CEO: " Why is this such a BIG deal?"

Change it:

We are here to provide support to the community in reporting, documenting, and mediating.

Engagement Opportunities:
If you're a middle or high school student, take part in our 2nd Virtual Circle for Student s o n June 17. The focus is the role of students and anti-racism.
Tune into our Facebook Live presentation "What To Do Now?!" with Melissa Morgan of All Things Black in a conversation about what we can be doing now to engage in anti-racist work. (video can be viewed after live event)

Witness or experience a hate incident or hate crime? Report it!

Donate to OC Human Relations. Your support ensures we can do the above and foster respect, prevent hate and build community.
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