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January 2013
The KenKen� Chronicle

At KenKen, we're always excited to let you know how our puzzles and math games are making a difference around the world. 

Find out more about them in these two stories:

What interesting stories would you like to share with the KenKen community?  You can let us know by sending us an email.
KenKen Across the Continents

We recently received an email from a mathematics consultant living and working in Punghashe, a remote, rural area in South A frica. The consultant works with six rural schools to help improve the math programs in an area where mathematics teaching and learning have declined since the end of apartheid in the early 1990s. KenKen has fit in perfectly with a family math program the consultant is organizing. Her efforts include training a team of 5 veteran teachers and six high school graduates who can then take KenKen and family math to the students in these schools. Here is an excerpt:   
     I have just read about your KenKen tournament. Would you be kind enough to share with me the mechanics of the competition? The situation in South Africa, vis-�-vis education in general, and mathematics education in particular, is catastrophic. The need here is even more desperate than the great need for effective math education in the rest of the world, so the work is most fulfilling.
The Punghashe tournament was a hit!  We were pleased to contribute to the event fun items such as a t-shirt, Kencils (KenKen jumbo pencils), brochures, puzzles and books.
Nocihle Mkhungo, one of the high school graduates 
who formerly did not enjoy math, discovered she was really good at KenKen puzzles and was then named "KenKen Queen."  She ended up receiving a certificate and badge!

When Nocihle first discovered KenKen, her enthusiasm was infectious and soon the whole team was "in love with KenKen."  We are thrilled to support math education around the world and we are very proud of Nocihle and her classmates!
These kinds of letters thrill us at KenKen, and make us happy to be associated with the high quality of products we offer. The KenKen puzzle is being used in the most remote places (Hey, even we were surprised to hear from "very, VERY rural Punghashe" as the math consultant described it!) because KenKen has proven academic benefits, from increasing numeracy skills and logical thinking to developing concentration, perseverance, and stamina.
Isn't it amazing to think that the grid-based numerical KenKen puzzle began in a Japanese classroom has now made it around the world to rural South Africa?

That's because it appeals to a wide range of students at all ages, from elementary school all the way through grad school!

KenKen Tournament in Chappaqua, New York

Last month the third annual New York KenKen tournament, sponsored by Nextoy, owners of the KenKen Puzzle Company, was held at the Chappaqua Public Library. Robert Fuhrer of Ken Ken and a Chappaqua resident, brought the KenKen puzzle to the United States from Japan, and has been sponsoring the tournament ever since.
The tournament has drawn people of all ages, and the first two years the champion was a high school student named Molly Olonoff from Horace Greeley High School.

However, last month, the 2012 winner was Martin Eiger, a 51-year-old technical research and development professional from Montville, N.J. Eiger has been competing in the tournament since its inception in 2010, and last year he came in second behind Olonoff, so his victory last month was undeniably sweet. Congratulations Martin!
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