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CANTERBURY TALES | August 12, 2022

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“The mission of St. Augustine of Canterbury parish is to grow closer to Christ and one another through worship, prayer, learning and service, and to dedicate our lives to serving Christ in the world through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Welcome Back Fr. Mike and Sharon

From Fr. Wes

So I have some exciting news to share. I am writing to tell you that the former rector and his wife, Mike and Sharon Goldberg, will be returning to the parish on August 28th. August 1st represented my being here one year, which is also the diocesan waiting period for former clergy to be invited back to the parish. While it is not a requirement for the Rector to invite former clergy back, it is an option. Some of you have asked me over the past year why there is a waiting period. The simple answer is that having former clergy, and particularly former Rectors, back at the parish is quite often a train wreck. It can cause all sorts of issues in terms of trying to hold on to the way “ things have always been.” Obviously if the new Rector and the old agree on everything, it is less likely that there will be a problem, but I will go ahead and tell you, that never happens. Mike and I are different people with different ways of going about things. I respect Mike a great deal, and I consider him a friend, but that doesn’t mean we do, or will, see eye to eye on everything around the church. More importantly, the congregation doesn’t always agree with everything the new rector is doing and will often look to the former Rector as a powerful ally in their disagreements. This is the crux of the whole situation. Will you as parishioners, allow Mike and Sharon to transition to fellow parishioners, or will you put them in the middle of things they don’t want to be a part of?

Of course Mike will always be a priest, and at some point in the future I hope that he will be able to serve this parish as such, but for now, I want you all to let them be parishioners. Let them participate in the life of the parish in whatever way they feel led. I cannot stress enough, that while Mike and I have a great deal of influence over how healthy this transition will be, the bulk of that responsibility falls to you as the parishioners.

Mike and Sharon have been very gracious to me and my family over the past year. They have had us over for lunch and dinner, taken the kids to the movies, and been a source of support in our transition. All that is to say, that I believe that they have the best interests of this parish at heart. If not, I would not be extending this invitation. Many of you know all the reasons that they are beloved far more than me. So I ask you to support them, and this parish, in this transition. Welcome them into their new roles, whatever that might be, and let us all celebrate their presence among us. Due to their schedules and previous commitments, their first Sunday with us will be August 28th.

Newcomers and Inquirers Class

Our Newcomers/Inquirers class will begin Sunday, Aug. 14, 9-9:45 am in the Library. This is a Christian education class for all: those new to this church and lifelong Episcopalians. We will cover topics such as church history, the Anglican church, Prayer Book and Sunday Services, and what we as a congregation expect from our members. It will be an open discussion format with questions welcomed.

If you have ever wondered why we have candles on the altar, how the books of the Bible came to be as we know them, or what is the Anglican communion, then this class will answer those questions and more. No preparation needed, just come and you will get what you need. If you would like to do some reading ahead of time, we recommend "Our Anglican Heritage" by the Rt. Rev. John W. Howe, former bishop of this diocese. You could also look to the Episcopal Teaching Series, Vol. 1: The Anglican Vision by James Griffiss. Both are good primers on Anglicanism and church history.

This series will run through September 4th. Other Sunday morning Christian education programs on the Nicene Creed (Sept. 18-25), the Rise of Christianity (Oct. 23-30), & 1 and 2 Thessalonians (Nov. 13-20) will follow.

Join us for new insights and thought-provoking discussion!

Questions? Contact Fr. Wes


Let's Do Lunch!

Episcopal Church Women invites you to their “Let’s Do Lunch” event Saturday, August 20 at 12 noon at The Historic Castle (4343 US 1, Fort Pierce). Built in 1926, the Historic Castle is rich in history. It was reported to have been owned by Gloria Swanson and visited by Joe Kennedy and Al Capone, among other illustrious characters.

Tickets are $15 pp (collected at services this Sunday) and include a set lunch menu, plus tour of the Castle, Boutique and Gallery. Luncheon will be followed by guest speaker, Janie Gould. Invite your friends to join you for this fun summer event! Contact: Carol Paris

Pictures from the ECW July luncheon outing at Sean Ryan's Pub. The luncheon was well-attended. We were informed about the new ministries by Cheri Foster and Cindy Johnson ... lots of fun, fellowship and good food. 


Celebrating our 30th Anniversary

On Sunday, Sept. 4, St. Augustine of Canterbury will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the first services held in our church. In the September 5th, 1992 edition of the Press Journal, it was written, "A new Vero Beach church of grace and beauty begins service Sunday, adding a gleaming, new jewel to the local Christian community."

To commemorate the day, we will celebrate with a special liturgy and gather after the Sunday 10 am service for a BBQ. All are invited to come! The church will provide the burgers, dogs and beverages. Parishioners are encouraged to being side dishes and desserts. All are invited to come! 

Tell Your Story! Were you present at St. Augustine's on September 6th, 1992? If you have any special memories from that era, please share them! Contact: Barbara McGowan

Looking to Deepen Your Faith?

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Join us this week for ...

Morning Prayer | Daily at 8 am

Join in on Daily Morning Prayer services over the telephone. Simply dial (339) 209-4611 before 8 am, Monday through Friday to participate. The service is easy to follow and is about 20 minutes long.

Download Readings

Download our Morning Prayer Season After

Pentecost Booklet

Christian Education Prayer Group | Mondays at 1:30 pm|Christian Ed wing

Prayer Shawl & Knitting Ministry | Tuesdays, 1 - 3 pm | Parish Library

Healing Eucharist | Wednesdays at 10 am | Sanctuary

Bible Study with Fr. Wes Wednesdays at 11 am | Conference Room

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This Sunday!

Jesus said, "I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! I have a baptism with which to be baptized, and what stress I am under until it is completed! Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division!"

LUKE 12:49-51

Come celebrate with us this Sunday! 

St. Augustine of Canterbury invites you to join us for worship in person or at home on this Tenth Sunday after Pentecost. Watch our Livestreamed service online, on Sundays or anytime during the week. Interested in receiving Home Communion? Just call the church office (772-770-3494) and ask to be put on the Home Communion list.

Worship Schedule>

Download the Bulletin>

Sunday Morning Fellowship

Please come join us for Coffee Hour after the 8 am and 10 am Sunday services in the Parish Hall. Enjoy the fellowship of your fellow parishioners. You never know who you might meet!

Readers and Servers

This week's Readers and Servers will be ...

Saturday, 5:30 pm

Lessons: Jane Ferguson    

Psalm & Prayers of the People: Jane Ferguson  

Chalice Bearers: Jane Ferguson 


Sunday, 8 am

Lessons: Pat Waskow     

Psalm & Prayers of the People: Tom Hall  

Chalice Bearer: Pat Waskow 

Sunday, 10 am 

Lessons: Nancy Eagan  

Prayers of the People: Marolyn Findlay   

Chalice Bearers: Heather Bennett, Tom White 

Lay Eucharistic Minister: Jacinth Brown 

Crucifer: Emma Shields 

Torches: Cody Shields, Tucker Shields 

Ushers: Nancy Eagan, Karen & Dick Monaco 

COVID Update

Masks are no longer required. Those who wish to continue wearing a mask are free to do so. Communion is by intinction only. Current diocesan guidelines

News & Notes

From Youth Guidance Mentoring Academy

Good Afternoon Wes,

I can't thank you enough for your donation of school supplies! Our Mentor Resource Manager, Ms. Jenna, was overjoyed. I attach a picture of her opening all the boxes. She said it is, by far, the best donation of school supplies for the kids that we've ever received.

Thank you again,

Phil Barnes, Executive Director

Youth Guidance Mentoring Academy

We Love Your Church News, Church Stories and Pictures!

Submit your church news for publication! Use the online form for St. Augustine ministry leaders and parishioners to submit church event and program information for publication on the website, newsletter and social media. Contact: Barbara McGowan

Please keep in your prayers ...

This Week, We Celebrate

August Birthdays

15 – Sandra Sosta

       Lynn Kirby

       Sue Davis

       Pat Waskow

       Kathryn Berggren

16 –  Linda Fuller               

20 –  Heather R. Bennett

        Julia Wiggins


August Anniversaries

14 – Jim & Jennifer Willenbrock  

18 – Hank & Kate Schmidt            

19 – Jonathan & Maureen Moody 

       Ed & Gina Walker

This Week, We Remember


13 – Philip Wright

15 – David Scruggs

17 – Gerald Coffey (2019)

18 – Rhee Polhamus (2018)

Prayer List

Please pray for ... The people of the Ukraine, Russia, and all war-torn areas, Joanna, Lois, Barbara, Joe, Dusti, Kathy, Kay, Marcus, Kathryn, Merrilyn, Abdul, Ben, Pat, Mel, Julie, Jay, Janice, June, Ryan, Mary Ann, Joanne.

Parish Prayer List Reminder!

The Parish Prayer List names are reviewed on a monthly basis. Names remain on the list as long as the Office is aware that they are to remain. Names of those we have not received updates are removed from the list unless the parish office is otherwise notified. Please let us know who is in the hospital and who is deceased.

Contact: Dana Clearwater at 772-770-3494.

Parish Directory

Download your copy of the Parish Directory.

Updated 08/04/22.



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