Sat. June 25, 2016
Dear fellow adventurers!
About two weeks ago, a new Grand Piano came into my life, and now sits in the room that was always waiting for The Grand Piano (see this post to see how we flew it into the house).

A week ago, my house cleaner came for the first time post-new-piano and we were talking about it in our halting I-Can’t-Speak-Spanish/I-Can’t-Speak-English, when she pointed to a picture that hangs right outside my studio, and knocked her knuckles against it, as if she were gently rapping at a door.

It’s a picture I see a hundred times a day, and don’t think much about although it’s right at the entrance to my studio.

It’s a picture of me sitting at a piano. I’m about 18, around the time when I gave my first solo concert. It might have even been a ‘publicity shot’ for that concert.

I’m turned toward the camera, sitting at a beautiful old piano that was in the Dance Palace, the artist collective where I lived — and the photo was taken by Evvy Eisen (one of my favorite photographers).

In the picture, it looks like I’m turned waiting for someone to return. 

And last week, when Carmen knocked on the picture, I got the feeling that I was finally at the door.

Where are you w­aiting for you? (READ MORE HERE)

Here's where I'm waiting for YOU

1. HARPISTS! SUMMER HARP JAM registration opens MONDAY (June 27th) - and STARTS July 7th!  Summer Harp Jam is THE most fun course of the year: No Homework! Just fun and games and lots and lots of playing. 

Of you want the $75 Pre-Registration discount, make sure you click here to get the code (it'll also put you on the First to Know list if you're not already on)..  If you’re already on the list and you did NOT get my email with the super-secret discount code yesterday, click that link and you'll get the code.

Then head right to and sign up because the first 25 people get an EXTRA EXCLUSIVE VIP Bonus jam at the end of the summer with me - and there are only about 10 of those left now. 

2. PASSIONATE CREATIVES - Are you ready to shift your artistic passion to the next level?   The summer intake deadline for my year-long “Harness Your Muse” mentorship program is July 1st and there are only 2 spots left  This is an intensive program with a small group of dedicated creative artists, who are committed to making a “Next Level Shift” in their work and their creative commitment over the next year. 

Some of the projects those in the group are working on include building and promoting their first solo show, recording an album (and all the release events), publishing a book of their compositions - and creating systems to support their creative work. There are only 2 spots left for the summer intake.  If you have questions about whether the program is right for you, just hit ‘reply’ and I’m happy to jump into a conversation with you about it.   

If you know you’re ready to take yourself and your creative commitment - or you think you might be - take a look at the application.  Take a few minutes and fill it out. Many people say that simply filling out the application makes a huge shift in their clarity about their own creative goal to their creative spirit.  

3. EVERYONE!!  My next show is Tue. July 12 at the Cape Cod Jazz Festival in Wequassett Resort in Harwich, MA AND IT'S FREE!  It’s at a really sweet little resort at a gorgeous concert venue (outdoors, under a tent, on a terrace overlooking the ocean) - and it’s on the grounds of an Inn (Ok, a really big fancy Inn) so if you’re coming from out-of-town, they have all kinds of rooms including wonderful little ocean-view bungalows to stay in.

I hope I see you there! Get more info here or download a PDF poster to share with friends.

See you soon!!! 

Summer Harp Jam 2016 is Here!


Virtual SUMMER CAMP for HARP Players!

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The Fun Starts July 7th - and lasts all summer!

Are you ready to shift the next level?

There's a creative project aching in your soul.

In the next 12 months you'll complete it and share it with the world.

I'll walk you step-by-step through this journey.

Harness Your Muse is my year-long group mentorship program.  This is an intensive program with a small group of dedicated creative artists like you, committed to making a “Next Level Shift” in their creative commitment over the next year. 

There are only 2 spots left for the July 1st intake. 

If you know you’re ready  - or you think you might be - take a look at the application.  Many people say that simply filling out the application makes a huge shift in their connection to their creative spirit.

If you have questions about the program and if it's right for you - drop me an email and we'll jump into a conversation about it. 

Learn more about the program at 

Cape Cod Jazz Festival
July 12 ~ Wequassett Resort, MA

The 13th annual Cape Cod Jazz Festival takes place at the Wequassett Resort.

FREE and open to the public. Performance takes place on the garden terrace overlooking Pleasant Bay. Cocktails & a light menu are available throughout the evening.


Somerset Harp Festival
July 21-24 ~ Parsippany, NJ

Sign up for my All-Day Blues Immersion Class and boost your repertoire - and your FUN Quotient in ONE DAY. 

Register now - whether you're already planning to come to Somerset or just want to join me for the full-day immersion. You can 

PLUS... I just added a great new BONUS you get for FREE when you take the all-day Blues Immersion! Yup, sign up for my Somerset Blues Immersion and you get a bonus registration to my "New Blues Beyond the Page" online mini-course.

  • Festival general info: HERE
  • Blues Immersion: HERE

DID YOU KNOW you can download  sheet music directly from my website?

Nightingale, Nataliana, Baroque Flamenco, New Blues -- they're ALL there!

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She performs worldwide on her signature "DHC-Light" electric harp built for her by CAMAC harps.  She coaches and mentors impassioned hap players through her online academy ... and she has two black cats, but is not a crazy harp lady (so she claims)

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