What air service looks like at AVL
The short answer — yes. Airlines are flying, and so are some of you. Airports across the country have remained open, and airlines have continued to fly — even with lower numbers of passengers.

During the past few months, our airline partners have worked diligently to maintain air service, implement more health and safety measures for their passengers, and respond positively in this historic time.

At Asheville Regional Airport, we are fortunate. The air service options are similar to pre-pandemic offerings; the main difference is that frequency of flights has been reduced. Before — airlines offered service to 22 destination airports; now, there are 18 airports (two in Chicago) on our route map (see below). The airlines continue to offer frequent daily flights to major hubs (like Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, D.C., Dallas/Ft. Worth), so you can connect to where you need to go. There are also point-to-point nonstops.

So, as you plan your future travel, know that our airline partners — Allegiant, American, Delta and United — are continuing to prioritize service in Western North Carolina. We look forward to welcoming you back for your next trip, when you’re ready.
AVL is committed to an exceptional experience
Pictures speak a thousand words… and video is even better! Click on the video below to see our new electrostatic sprayers in use at the airport.

What is an electrostatic sprayer? It is a special piece of cleaning equipment that our team now uses every day at AVL. It is a backpack sprayer that contains a specialized solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. Subsequently, the spray contains positively charged particles that are able to aggressively adhere to surfaces and objects. The solution is a disinfectant that kills viruses and other germs almost immediately, and it can be safely administered in public spaces.

Why use an electrostatic sprayer?  Our team can disinfect large surface areas very quickly and efficiently, especially public areas that are high-touch and frequently used. Hard-to-reach spaces can also be easily disinfected.

At AVL, it is our mission to provide exceptional airport experiences. We hope that our attention to enhanced cleaning provides confidence in your journey through AVL. 
Airports across the country are doing their part
We are proud to be a part of a caring and responsible industry, and believe that the efforts being made at airports across North America are worth highlighting.

When you fly, you will enter multiple airports during your journey. Rest assured, airports are working hard to button up both ends of your experience, with a heightened focus on health and safety.

Learn more about the airport industry’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

AVL is building for the growth that will return
It was just a few months ago when AVL was bursting at the seams. One of the fastest growing airports in the country, we were working diligently on growing our infrastructure to meet the fast-paced demand.

While demand has slowed, it will increase again. Expansion projects we prioritize now are imperative to our ability to be ready in the future. Fortunately, most of the infrastructure work underway is supported by Federal and State grant funding designated for each specific project, which helps us continue this important work. Take a look at the key projects we’re working on, all with an eye on the future.

SOUTH APRON EXPANSION (pictured above ): Significant progress has been made on a project to expand the aircraft parking area south of the terminal building. This expansion is needed due to the increased number of aircraft that park overnight at the airport, as well as for future expansion of the terminal building. Slated completion date: end of 2020.

REMOTE SHUTTLE PARKING LOT: A new 300+ space remote shuttle parking lot is now complete, located directly across the road from the main entrance to the airport. (This parking lot will not be put into use until passenger traffic levels grow significantly again.)

AIRFIELD REDEVELOPMENT: This multi-year project, which will result in a new runway and an additional taxiway, is slated for completion by the end of 2020.

TERMINAL EXPANSION & MODERNIZATION: We have moved forward with the design phase for an expanded and modernized airport which is needed in our community when passenger levels grow again. We began the design project prior to the pandemic, and received significant grant funding from the U.S.D.O.T. to pay for the design. It is important to continue this strategic work, so we are ready to break ground when the time is right. The design process will take about one year.
Where is this, and would you want to visit?
The glorious photos below show a few popular spots in Utah, which are accessible via AVL, with one easy connection. Are you dreaming about future travel? We're ready when you are!
JULY 2020
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