February 2018


Connection is the theme for 2018. This year we're striving to help you stay more connected with alums. To that end, see the new section below, Catching up with Alumni, and please email us with updates to appear in future newsletters.

We're hosting three socials this year. Two are in California, at the Santa Clara TYR Pro Swim June 9th and at the Phillips 66 National Championships in Irvine July 28th.  The first will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Men's DI NCAA Championships, March 24th.

Will Caeleb Dressel crack the 40 second barrier in the 100 yard free? With college dual meet season closing, he's on track!

We all love college swimming and this year could be one for the record books. Much of Team USA's competitive edge can be traced back to the college experience. Most of us gained confidence and resilience inside the grueling three-day NCAA Championship pressure cooker. Expect this college championship season to wow fans and push our elite swimmers to even greater success this summer.


Mel Stewart
USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador

Men's NCAA DI Championships Alumni Social
Saturday, March 24, 2018
12:30 - 2:30 pm (or after prelims)
Location: TBD
Attire: Casual

The first National Team Alumni social is less than seven weeks away at the 2018 Men's NCAA DI Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saturday, March 24th from 12:30 - 2:30 pm (or right 
Nathan with his 2016 Olympic
 gold medal
  after prelims) at a to be determined location.  Lunch is courtesy of the USA Swimming Foundation.

Eight-time Olympic medalist, USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador, and Cal Golden Bear, Nathan Adrian, will be our special guest! Join Nathan and your fellow alums to catch up with friends and  learn about how the USA Swimming Foundation is benefiting our elite swimmers.

If you plan to attend the Men's NCAA DI Championships or live in the Minneapolis area, let Mel Stewart know! Mel can be reached at (512)656-8806 or  mel.stewart@sbcglobal.net .

See you there!

Mark your calendars!
Our future National Team Alumni Social 
locations are finalized!

When: Saturday, June 9
Where: Santa Clara TYR Pro Series
City: Santa Clara, CA
Time: TBD

When: Saturday, July 28
Where: Phillips 66 National Championships
City: Irvine, CA
Time: TBD

Mr. Redemption,  David Plummer, made the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team four years after a heart-breaking third place finish at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials. Now, with Olympic gold and bronze to his name, Plummer has been in retirement a little over a year.

"I miss competing," David said, "but I haven't found myself missing morning practices yet. I still feel like I am adjusting to the 9-5 world, but I am excited about the new challenges I am facing."

David's finishing an internship at the University of Minnesota Athletics Department, while earning his masters degree. "While I don't know exactly what my next step will be," he explained, "I would like to take concepts from organizational development and apply them to the sports field. I think swimming and other sports could benefit from learning leadership skills and continued training/professional development for their coaches and staff." 

David won a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 100m backstroke. He also earned a gold medal in the 4x100m medley relay.
David was 30, an older Olympian, his hair shimmering with a dust of salt, when he finally made the Olympic Team. His experience at the 2016 Olympics was sweet, but deeply emotional.

"I'm still not sure if the experience has sunk in yet. It seems like it flew by. One minute I am touching the wall, the next I am back home, just a normal dad again. Everything in between was an awesome blur."

There are sharp memories, ones that standout in color, the turning points in David's career, like the 100m backstroke final at the 2010 U.S. National Championships. "I don't think anyone in the stands thought I would come out with a win over Grevers, Thoman and Piersol. It was a validation of the work I had been doing and of the goals I set for myself. I knew from then on that my time wasn't wasted, that I was capable of making the Olympic Team."
David's wife Erin just accepted a position as a Neonatal Physician in the Twin Cities. Their oldest son, William, is four and youngest son, Ricky, is a year and a half. According to David, there aren't many quiet days at home with two young boys, but he loves it that way.

Misty Hyman: In early January, Misty wrote about life as a new mom on  azcentral.com. She says becoming a mom and raising her daughter, Vivian, "has been the most rewarding experience of my life." In the article, Misty shares advice to new mom's and her experiences raising a child for the first time. Congratulations, Misty, on your new addition and keep up the great work!
Casey Converses: Recently, C asey was diagnosed with stage-4 kidney cancer. He is currently recovering from an emergency triple bypass. Please share your support and prayers with Casey on his Facebook page . Get well soon, Casey!

Dara Torres:  In an article in the Boston Globe, we learn that Dara is close to completing training to become an instructor for barre, a ballet-inspired exercise that is rapidly growing in popularity. A part owner of Bar Method, Dara is excited to start this new endeavor. Catch up with what else Dara is up to on   USASwimming.org .
David Plummmer: In January, David said he would be making is retirement from swimming official. SwimSwim published his full letter to his family, his friends, his fans and his fellow swimmers. Take a look here.

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Niels Jorgensen, father and coach to Olympians Lars and Dan Jorgensen, passed at the age of 80. Niels also coached Olympic breaststroke star Kirk Stackle. Dan described his father as a "very strict disciplinarian," and said "the workouts under him were more difficult than any other coach I've ever swam for." Swimming World's story on Niels.
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