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Issue #12 - September 2015
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September was spent focusing on corrections and fundraising. Both are important for the site. Corrections help make the lists more accurate and fundraising is essential to maintaining the site.  We've been much slower than normal responding to your requests and inserting complete meet results. Thank you for your patience while we were working on these important items. 
Join our Rankings Advisory Board
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You tell us all the time how much this site means to you and how much you enjoy the site's features. You also know how much we strive to improve but you may not know we have policies on how to address false results, determine listed events, which meets to allow and so much more. Having a Rankings Advisory Board will help us refine these policies and post them to the site, evaluate improvements you've requested, be your voice for local, national and WMA Regional interests plus address many other things that will help improve this site further and quicker.
Athlete Profile - Japan W40 4x100 Relay Team
"The most important thing to us was to participate."  This is what motivated Kumiko Kajiwara, a W40 Heptathlete;  Makiko Sueyoshi, a W50 Steeplechaser (a Sliver medalist in 2000m SC); Yumiko Tamada, a W60 jumper and Yuko Hayashi, a W55 sprinter recovering from meniscus surgery to compete in the 4x100 in Lyon last month. 
A relay team captain, Kumiko Kajiwara, organized and led the team. Makiko Sueyoshi, who won the silver in 2000m SC in W50 just one hour before the relay race, gave up her medal ceremony and dedicated herself to the team. Yumiko Tamada and Yuko Hayashi competed against athletes who are almost 20 years younger than them but it did not matter because "it was a once in our lifetime experience".
The y fought well and got the baton around the oval which was better than 2 teams could do so they placed 7th out of 9 teams!  They were pleased with their performance and honored to run for Japan.  Masters Athletes are not always top ranked, winning a medal or even close to the next competitor but we are participating!  Participation keeps us active and healthier which is why we at, Inc. work so hard to encourage and motivate you to participate and strive to excel.
Where are the US Rankings?
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The site is a worldwide site so we continue to evolve to a single, worldwide site per our plan. Anyone seeking to get the US Rankings can select United States from the "Select Country" pull down on the left navigation bar. You can also bookmark links from this page for all nations, including the US, to go directly to national and WMA Regional lists. 
Cheating in Rankings
Did I get your attention? No, there is not widespread cheating in the rankings - there are some people who are unclear on some things about what to submit and a very small number of people who make "typing errors" more frequently.  We will clear up the confusion for the former and we keep track of the latter. We are pleased that people's typing gets much better when we ask them about it! More than 93% of the performances listed are not athlete entered so the percentage of potentially incorrect performances by athletes is very, very small. There was a question raised on Facebook about performances submitted by athletes that had over 100 comments.  Many of these were great and warranted responses or clarifications so we've put together a page with many of the comments and our responses and will add to the FAQ section.
I t will take us a little more time to catch up with the emails, online contact us posts and complete meet results processing. We are continuing with our plan so, in addition to the communications above, finishing with corrections and more fundraising, we will get the results from the WMA Championships and NSG (US) inserted and corrected plus insert tens of thousands of results. Results from the southern hemisphere should start pouring in now - we are ready and excited!
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