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Vol. 7, Issue 1(November 7/13)
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Presenting the Latest Research from Workforce Planning Hamilton!
Help Wanted in Hamilton: Job Vacancies Full Report, 3rd Quarter 2013 is the second of quarterly releases that provides information about real-time labour market demand in Hamilton. The information presented here reflects online job postings from July to September 2013.
Celebrate Living Wage Week
Vibrant Communities is hosting a telephone conference learning session Thursday, Nov. 7th at noon profiling employers who have adopted living wage. Included will be a representative from VanCity Credit Union and Hamilton's public school board Trustee Alex Johnstone discussing why their organizations moved forward on living wage.

More details on how you can register and participate on the call here.
Why Mentoring Matters

While recent immigrants to Canada are more highly educated than previous cohorts and the Canadian-born, they earn lower wages and have more difficulties entering the labour market.

One of the main factors that explains the gap in employment rates is the lack of social and professional networks that new immigrants have in their new home.  


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