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January 24, 2013
This week, President Obama was sworn in for his second term. CAWP brings you news about women's presidential prospects, women in presidential cabinets, and the history being made by women leaders in state legislatures this year.

Madam President?
As we celebrated the history being made at Monday's Presidential inauguration, CAWP took a moment to reflect on the women who have blazed a path toward the White House and the potential for a woman to take the oath of office in the years to come.

Madam Secretary?Women Presidential Appts
In our most recent blog post, CAWP outlines the opportunities for women's appointments to President Obama's second-term cabinet, notes the importance for gender diversity, and provides the historical reference points necessary to analyze how women will fare in the 2013 White House. Tell us what you think!

We've also created a helpful infographic (based on our fact sheet) on women's presidential appointments. Check it out and share it with friends! 
Madam Speaker?  
WomenLegLeadersFix Women's presence in state legislative leadership posts has more than doubled in 2013. While 6 women served as senate presidents (3) or speakers of state houses (3) in 2011 and 2012, 16 women will take Senate (10) and House (6) gavels this year. The previous record was 14 women in top legislative leadership in the 2009-2011 legislative session.  
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