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  1. Our 2022 Advocacy Agenda
  2. Advocacy in Action: Legislative Visits
  3. Education to Employment Graduates Finding Success
  4. Child Care Subsidy Facilitated Enrollment Program
2022 Advocacy Agenda
As the principal advocate for issues impacting women in our region, the WNY Women’s Foundation is laser focused on creating opportunities for all women to learn, earn, and lead. 
Our 2022 agenda encompasses a bold, nonpartisan strategy aimed at accelerating women’s economic opportunity by prioritizing gender equity. We recognize optimizing women’s economic growth results in stronger families, stronger communities, and a stronger Western New York for all. 
2022 Advocacy Focus Areas:

  • Women ascending as leaders: The WNY Women’s Foundation will engage the community to achieve gender parity in leadership by driving changes for the issues impacting women in the workplace, elected office, business ownership, on boards, and in the community

  • Economic empowerment: Drive opportunities for all women and gender minorities to engage in the community and experience economic success for themselves and their families
Advocacy in Action: Virtual Legislative Visits
Did you know:
  • The average cost to families with two children in a child care center has reached $24,564 per year

  • Currently, only families of four with income less than $53,000 are eligible for child care subsidies in New York

  • At least 65% of the child care workforce receives some type of public benefit due to low wages 
With the child care system facing a dire crisis, the WNY Women’s Foundation coordinated virtual legislative visits in mid-February with 17 state Senators and assembly members as part of the Empire State Campaign for Child Care’s Statewide Day of Advocacy. We will continue to work collaboratively with our partners to catalyze change and advocate for immediate steps to address the unsustainable pressures challenging child care providers and parents.
From Education to Employment Graduates
Finding Success
In December, several “From Education to Employment” economic mobility program participants graduated from Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT). We are incredibly proud of all the recent graduates and plan to showcase their accomplishments in our communications throughout the year. 
Sasha Hannah, pictured here, recently graduated from the phlebotomy program with honors and achieved her certification. She will be moving on to the nursing program at SUNY Erie Community College in September and has already connected with the achievement coach at SUNY Erie to help ensure her continued success. 
With the assistance of the WNY Women’s Foundation, Sasha received the support she needed to care for her two-year-old son, who has autism, while she pursued her education.
Child Care Subsidy Facilitated
Enrollment Program - Your Help Needed
Do you know anyone who struggles to pay for child care? You can help us spread the word about the Workforce Development Institute’s Child Care Subsidy Facilitated Enrollment Program. 
This program is available to families earning 200% - 275% of the federal poverty line (FPL). Anyone can text 235246 to find out if they qualify for financial assistance.
The WNY Women’s Foundation advocates for crucial funding for this program in Erie County and recently sent a letter to State Sen. Tim Kennedy to press for $2 million to ensure children and families throughout WNY continue to receive much-needed support.
The WNY Women's Foundation is committed to creating opportunities for women to earn, learn, and lead.

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