Where did 2018 go?
I remember hearing my mom (who was so OLD then) talking about how every year seems to go by faster. That was way back when she was *GASP!* my age! The inevitable has occurred and I have not only aged, but I have become very much like my mother. Luckily I know now that that is a good thing!

I'm starting off on a bit of a tangent, today, but seriously! Where did this year go? So many wonderful things are happening here at Colorado Northwestern every day. Thank you for letting me share them with you each month! Don't forget to share the link with your CNCC friends and let them in on the news as well.

Have a fabulous holiday season! Love up your family, your fur babies, your friends. Relax and recall your own wonderful 2018 moments, then welcome in 2019 with a sense of wonder and hope. Let's make this the best year yet!

Sue Samaniego, Foundation director
SGA students donate to Parkview Elementary
Members of CNCC Rangely Student Government Association present a check for $305 to Mike Krueger, Parkview Elementary School principal, to pay off overdue lunch accounts for Rangely students. The SGA students raked leaves this fall to earn the money to donate to the school.
Park Ranger Academy Graduation
The National Park Ranger Academy at the CNCC recently graduated 12 students who are now equipped, trained, and prepared for the field as Seasonal Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers.

The 16 week training program was intense and arduous including early morning workouts (physical conditioning), practical exercises to test their knowledge of patrol skills, interviewing skills, report writing skills, as well as written tests to access their learning. The students passed firearms qualifications, driver training, control tactics, field sobriety test training, FEMA Hazardous materials training, tactical medicine, Active Threat/Shooter response, Tactics, and other necessary qualifications according to standards of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. In addition, the students were exposed to OC spray and Taser as non-lethal weapons. 

The students were constantly tested and challenged in the program, and in all situations learned how to come out on top and successful, despite sometimes having the odds stacked against them. Part of the unwritten goal of the program is to graduate students with the necessary mental mind set (Warrior Mindset) that will enable them to face a potential enemy or adversary seeking to do them harm, and make quick and decisive decisions to diffuse and/or neutralize a situation that might be quickly evolving into a dangerous and potentially life threatening series of events.

These graduates will now move on and are eligible to be hired as seasonal law enforcement Park Rangers and will reinforce the permanent Park Ranger cadre as they protect the National Parks around the country and the people within them. 

Please join me in congratulating Class 18-02 on a job well done!
Charles D. Huyck
NPS Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy
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