June, 2015
  • Where the Buffalo Roamed
  • Full Moon and the Goddess Ceremony
  • New video about Egypt
  • One Month until Mt Shasta!!
  • June Message: Dimensions of Life, through Lee Cook
The Beautiful Wild Grasslands of America
Wild Sage and Wild Horses in the Wild Grasslands

This past week I traveled through a part of America that few people get to visit, so I want to share part of my journey with you. On my way up to the Pine Ridge Reservation for some prayer ceremonies with my Lakota friends, I drove along rivers that were overflowing with water, through the beautiful Sandhill country of Nebraska, and past lakes where wild swans were gliding.

As I drove through the many vast ranches that feed America its beef, I began to remember that this is where the buffalo used to roam.  All the cows that I was looking at, out in the fields used to be wild buffalo, dotting the lovely grasslands. I questioned myself about how things might be different today in America if the newcomers had not massacred the estimated 30 million buffalo, leaving them to rot in massive piles out on the Plains. Would we be healthier, now? The Native people had valued every ounce of each buffalo animal. Would we have had more respect for the indigenous people? What would America have been like today? Just wondering, while driving along.
Full Moon Ceremony with 
the Goddess Energy 
in Denmark, July 2!
COME TO DENMARK on July 2. Please join Rosse Mary Vargas, from Bolivia  and Kristina Wood from Colorado as we celebrate the F ull Moon with legends of Goddesses from the Americas. We will be telling stories about the Passion and Compassion that many of the Goddesses share with us. 
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Stories
  • Celebration 
  • Bon Fire
  • Delicious, fresh Cuisine, served in the Castle dining room
  • first autographed copies of Kristina's new book, Why the Sunflower Smiles, Hidden Messages in Nature
  • Wonderful camaraderie
October 11 - 25, 2015


What makes this Journey Special?
Watch the brand new video to find out about the connection that 
Egypt has with Atlantis! 
how traveling to Egypt in a conscious way will help us to create a future with technology and other concepts 
that may have come from the past, 
but were preserved for our future and new civilization.

Oct 11 - 25, 2015
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Mt Shasta: Last Call
Join Us: July 29 - Aug 2, 2015
You will want to be with us when we go to Mt Shasta  next month!

for our journey: July 29 - August 2, 2015
When you join our pilgrimage, you will
feel EMBRACED by the 
You will feel this ecstasy of connection to the Divine 

This is what you will experience on our journey to Mt Shasta:
  • Deep relaxation
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Clearing out of old energies and patterns
  • Amazing energetic balancing with Crystal bowl attunement
  • Connecting with your Guides in the sacred spaces of the mountain
  • Gentle hikes to legendary portals
  • Channellings with Australian shamanic guide, Kerry Henwood
  • Drinking the pure crystalline energy of the water will raise your vibrational level
  • Clarity about your next steps in life
  • A deeper understanding about your personal worth
  • A system to give yourself more compassion, for more happiness
  • A better understanding of what "I AM" means
  • Finding a balance between the Masculine and Feminine within yourself
  • Quiet meditations in the mountain meadows
  • Special guidance with professional Mt Shasta guide, Andrew Oser
Want to know what it feels like at Mt Shasta? 
Watch this!

Mount Shasta Vibrational Immersions Intro
Mount Shasta Vibrational Immersions 


Join our Journey this Summer, 2015 

for 5 days of immersion into the energies of the Mountain!

ONLY $570.00

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Angel Message: The Dimensions of Life 
Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,

As the light glistens on a blade of grass, so does your light shine in the meadow of your soul. When clouds move across the landscape of your heart, be gentle and patient with yourself. Reflect on all the many landscapes and places that are inside of you. As you gaze into a mountain stream seeing your own reflection, you may also see the world above and below you reflected in the water. The sparkle of water, that leads your eye to a deeper place in the river, where you see a rock or shadow that surprises you, might show you a gleam of gold in the sand. Or perhaps you will notice a white billowing cloud over your shoulder high above you in the sky as its presence is reflected in the ever moving stream.

All that you see, are dimensions of movement and life. You too are holding space as a dimension of consciousness, just like the stream, the cloud, the gold, the sky. Feel the freedom and ecstasy that arises from playing within the dimension that you reside, being able to interface and interact with the seen and unseen worlds, as you feel the kiss of a breeze upon your face or the warmth of energy from a golden sunset, or the whisper of love from a tree as you walk by.

The natural and supernatural worlds are in a state of communion. See yourself as a conscious bridge to receive the gifts of these dimensions, that can inform, guide, protect and uplift you on your journey.

with love,
The Angels
picture by Aimwell Enterprises
Thank You, Until Next Time


   " Respond to every call that excites
     your spirit."

        ---- Rumi





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