October 19, 2018 - Issue 18-41

Good afternoon  ,

For the last 25+ years, I've consciously practiced and studied leadership, teamwork and communication. 

These three concepts work closely together. 
Teamwork requires leadership.
Leadership requires teamwork.  
Effective communication is necessary for leadership and teamwork.

Jim Riviello , whom I recently "met" on LinkedIn, recently sent me  this article  discussing 8 habits of effective leaders. I'll comment a bit on what Jim offers:

In his #2 (Rhythm and Routine) and #8 (Self-care) he talks about preparing yourself to be a good leader by treating yourself well. In all the great stuff that's been written about what to do in leadership, the ideas of giving yourself some quiet time and simplifying your life are sometimes missed or under-emphasized.

In his #6 (Experiment) he talks about trying things, making mistakes, and recovering from and learning from those mistakes. I've worked where mistakes were frowned upon and the mistake-maker sometimes severely penalized. A stifling environment! 

#7 (Challenge Yourself) is closely related. It's when you step out of your comfort zone that you experiment and make the mistakes that teach you, and others, better ways of doing things.

#3 (Coach and Mentor) is about helping yourself by helping others. As Zig Ziglar said, " You can get everything  in  life you want if you will just help enough other people  get  what  they want ." 

In #4 (Effective Meetings) Jim deplores the time that's wasted in unnecessary or poorly-run meetings. In the video referenced in my newsletter a couple of weeks ago, Jeff Bezos offered some unique ideas for improving meetings.

#1 (Focus) contributes to #5 (Listen Actively). When you're listening to someone, listening is what you're doing. Focus on listening. Avoid doing anything else.

Jim Riviello's article on what effective leaders do and pay attention to, i n combination with  8 Traits of Effective Leaders  where we discussed who they areoffers great insight into how well-led companies get that way.

Enjoy, and have a great week.

John Stevens


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Throughout a career spanning over 45 years my management style has been one of building teams to bring several competent people together to focus on a common objective. I noted early in my career that, in most organizations, there is an enormous amount of time, energy, and effort wasted by people working at cross purposes.

As I transition to life in the Argentine outback, my focus shifts from coaching to helping other business coaches and advisers get their message out to their prospective clients. With my first-hand knowledge of the benefits of effective business coaching, I am uniquely qualified to work with business advisers of all stripes convey their message.

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