This just might be the biggest question we get here at SFM... Where do I park?
This just might be the biggest question we get here at Stoughton Farmers Market.

Where do I park?

So here are just some of your many options---

Right next door - The parking lot next to the church is a public lot.

On-street parking - there are spaces all along Washington St, Pleasant St, Wyman St, Freeman St, Porter St, Park St and Pearl St, all within a 1-5 min walk to the market.

Trackside Plaza - Just a one block walk away down Wyman St by the historic train depot building, there are over 100 parking spaces open for public parking on Saturdays. (Thank you to our sponsors, KC Real Estate Management) 

Randolph Savings Bank - After the bank's 12pm close time on Saturdays, their lot is available to SFM shoppers - as is the outdoor walk up/drive up ATM machine. During banking hours, while the bank is generous enough to allow some SFM parking, please be courteous to banking customers. (Thank you to our sponsors, Randolph Savings Bank)

What about handicapped parking?
There are handicapped spaces located behind the church and in the public lot next door.

Can I park behind the church?
With the exception of handicapped spaces (which are located right at the back entrance to the church) for safety reasons the only parking allowed behind the church is for all-day volunteers and vendors only. The lot is not designed for constant in/out traffic from the back entrance only and allowing this activity would be extremely dangerous.

I parked a block away but now I bought so much stuff, I can't carry it all to my car... What should I do?
Ask us for help! The volunteers at the market will be happy to help you in any way we can.

We hope this helps you make your SFM shopping trip easier... But hey, here's another idea... Why are you driving to the market when you could walk? Whether you live really close or not, get out and get some fresh air & exercise. Many patrons either walk from their homes, or if they live further out, park at a further out location (such as the Gibbons School, The Jones School, The High School and The Stoughton Public Library (during summer hours) and walk the rest of the way.

Any way you choose to get here... drive, walk, bike, skate or cartwheel... We can't wait to see you at the
Stoughton Farmers Market!