Friday, November 4, 2016

Here is the status of 2016 Florida Legislative and U.S. Congressional candidates -- prior to the November 8 election -- organized by the Florida counties they will represent in either the Florida House, Florida Senate, or U.S. House.


Florida Map of Color Blocks
Do you know the status of Florida Legislative or U.S. House candidates who will represent you and the interests of those who live and work in your county?
Here is a PDF document of all candidates organized under the county or counties they will represent.  See who has already been elected or still running for either the Florida House, Florida Senate, or the U.S. House.


 Do you know your Florida Legislative candidates' positions on arts, arts education, and culture?


Did your candidates respond to the 2016 Florida Cultural Alliance and Florida PAC for Arts & Culture Florida Legislative Candidates' Survey?

If candidate's district number is highlighted in dark orange, click it to read candidate's responses to survey.

Where do the presidential candidates stand on arts and arts education issues?

Americans for the Arts' Arts Action Fund compiled a side-by-side document to demonstrate where these candidates stand on arts and arts education issues.

Below is a table that quickly shows how many districts have already been won, those with only one major candidate running, and those with both major parties running as of 11-3-2016.



 Districts already elected prior to November 8 election: 
Districts with only 1 major party (Democrat or Republican) in General Election with no other major party running against them as of 11-3-2016: 
General Election districts with both (Democrat or Republican) major parties running as of 11-3-2016: 
Florida House 

120 members serve in the Florida House
Florida Senate 

40 members serve in Florida Senate
Florida Candidates for U.S. House 

27 members from Florida serve in the U.S. House
Florida Candidates for U.S. Senate 

2 members from Florida serve in U.S. Senate

(Senator Bill Nelson not up for re-election this year to U.S. Senate, but will be in 2018) 
not applicable 
1 U.S. Senate seat up for election in Florida with major and other parties running 
Your Supervisor of Elections

The League of Women Voters for Florida is a good resource to better understand the four proposed constitutional amendments on the November 8 ballot.
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