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A Note from Jan
Founder of Doorways 

I recently read a 2016 publication put out by Mental Health America entitled "The State of Mental Health in America" that breaks down statistics about mental health incidence and resources by state. The news is not good for our young people and not good for  Arizona. 

Regarding just adolescents, the report states:

" Mental health, substance use, and suicidal thoughts are influenced by both biological and environmental factors. Environmental factors such as stress, poverty, homelessness, and exposure to interpersonal and community violence are linked to increased rates of mental health and substance use problems" 

In considering just one parameter, depression, 9.86% of youth ages 12-17 report suffering from at least one major depressive episode (MDE) in the past year.  

In 2012-2013, America experienced a 1.2% increase in the percentage of youth who experienced a MDE. 7% of youth (or 1.7 million youth) experienced severe depression. 

These youth experienced very serious interference in school, home and in relationships. 64% of youth with depression do not receive any treatment.  

Even among those with severe depression, 63% do not receive any outpatient services.  Only 22% of youth with severe depression receive any kind of consistent outpatient treatment (7-25+ visits in a year)."

There is a significant difference in states with the lowest and highest rates of seriously depressed youth. States with highest rates have almost TWICE as many severely depressed youth than states with the lowest rates. In the overall ranking compared to "Other Positive Outcomes" Arizona is ranked 50th!! We are at the bottom!

At Doorways, we see these statistics every day in the form of hurting kids and young adults. We are always considering how best to help kids and families in the process of prevention and treatment of mental health issues. 

We know getting help can be frustrating. There are so many needs and so few resources. Kids just seem to keep getting sicker and sicker.

Thanks for trusting us on this journey. We are committed to health for this generation and being a part of a solution to the needs and hurts that are all around us.   

Please let us know how we can help you. 


Jan Hamilton, PMHNP-BC
Founder, Doorways, LLC



Provider Spotlight

Shey Parise, MS. 
Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Shey is one of our IOP group staff.

She graduated with her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theology Seminary. Shey has worked with adolescents and their families for over twelve years while on staff and volunteering for Young Life. 

In the therapy setting, she has worked with individuals and families through relational issues, trauma, depression, anxiety and OCD an d works primarily with the OCD/Anxiety Intensive Outpatient Program at Doorways. 


Now Hiring!

Now Hiring: Adolescent & Young Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatrist

We are seeking to hire a Full or Part-Time, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatrist; to work 1-5 days per week M-F, flexible hours.

Read the complete job description here.

Now Hiring: Arizona Licensed Counselor (LPC, LMFT, or LCSW)

We are seeking a full time or part time  Arizona Licensed Counselor (LPC, LMFT, or LCSW) to work 24-40 hours per week, flexible hours.

Position requires a desire to work in a faith-based multidisciplinary practice with adolescents and their families in an outpatient setting. Expectation of empanelling with at least one insurance company prior to start of employment.

Read the complete job description here.

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