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November 30, 2012
The results are in. State legislative races across the country have been decided, and 1,773 women will take the oath of office for state house and senate seats in January 2013, making up 24% of all state legislators (four state legislative races with at least one woman candidate remain undecided). More details on these results, including state rankings based on the percentages of women in each state legislature, are available in CAWP's most recent infographic.

CAWP has also posted state-by-state information on the women who will be serving in state legislative, statewide executive, and congressional offices in 2013. 

Take a moment to check out women's political representation in your state and share our infographic with friends!

Women in State Legislatures: 2013

For more information, check out CAWP's most recent releases on election results and the women's vote in the presidential, United States Senate, and gubernatorial contests.

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