Where is Home?
For just one day of intimacy with you[ a ] is like
 a thousand days of joy rolled into one!
 I’d rather stand at the threshold in front of the Beautiful Gate,
 ready to go in and worship my God,
 than to live my life without you
 in the most beautiful palace of the wicked.
Psalms 84:10
In reading a book the other day, this verse popped out; we all have had this experience because God’s Word is alive! Then the thought came, where is home? Is it our house or perhaps a better house? Is it where we work? Is it our business? Eventually, the conclusion came, none of these! It was clear in that moment that it was where the people we love are! It is where Jesus is!
For the last two years, Jesus has walked by my side, and I have realized that even though difficult, Jesus was with me, and I was ok because of that fact! Whether I was in a hospital room, on the road, or at a hotel, Jesus was there! I just had to recognize it and be grateful!
So I ask you, my friend, where is your sweet spot? Where is your home? I ask you to consider, is it doing what God has gifted you to do alongside Him and with the ones you love? I think so! It isn’t the safest place because God doesn’t promise that, but it is the best place because He is there!
Let us consider something over the next several days, weeks, or maybe months. What do we want to be doing when Jesus comes and with whom? You see, we are told that having the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect education, or maybe the perfect dream will do it. But houses get old, jobs get boring, education always calls for more and some dreams die. So I wonder, what does have the qualities of living forever? What does have value? What is the best life ever?
Maybe it would look a little like the life we have now with a few tweaks and, of course, including the people we love! If we have found joy sitting in the presence of God, we don’t want to leave even if it means the better house, car, career, or dream! God asks us to delight ourselves in Him, and he will give us the desires of our hearts! Oftentimes, it seems he just might change those desires because after spending time with him, everything pales in comparison!
When I call my daughter these days, she says, “I am living my best life ever in this crazy house!” It makes me smile because she recognizes that even though life isn’t perfect, it is good among the people she loves.
So my friend, wherever we are today, God is with us. Whatever we are doing today, God is at our side. He promises this! He is our best friend; He loves us more than anyone else. So, wouldn’t it be wise to let Him light the way? We can trust Him! Please don’t confuse Him lighting the way as making the way easy or comfortable because some days won’t be that, but He will be there, and it will have lasting value. Isn’t that enough?
God is calling us just like he did David. And in the above verses, David tells us that the best place to be is in the presence of the Lord, doing whatever He has called us do. Because there, we will find value. Because there, we will be fulfilled with the ones we love. Because there, we will be HOME!
Brenda Lewis
Executive Minister
Woodbine Church
5200 Woodbine Road
Pace, Florida 32571