I thought Wonder Woman the movie was AMAZING. Have you seen it yet??

It's gotten great reviews because it gives us a fresh look at what it means to truly be empowered.

Wonder Woman was Princess of the Amazons before she knew she was Wonder Woman. She fought for freedom and authenticity alongside men and never felt threatened. Her fearlessness and might create a wonderfully empowering role model for young and older women everywhere. 

What does Freedom mean to you? For my clients, it means freedom from worry and thoughts that bring you down - diminishing your ability to enjoy your life and fulfill your life purpose.

 As human beings with the ability to reason and perceive, we tend to accumulate experiences we interpret as negative from failed relationships, jobs, and other events that occur in our lives. One analogy I like to use for what happens with a computer. Think about what happens when your computer gets infected with viruses. What happens? Your computer slows down, is a lot less efficient, and even shuts down!  Sound familiar? This is what happens to you when you have an "over abundance" of painful experiences from the past or present, and you are worrying about the future. When you are pre-occupied with negative thoughts, conscious or unconscious, you function at a reduced level and you are unhappy. Eventually, depression and anxiety become a way of life. Sound familiar? What is the answer?  Heal the underlying issues...for good - and the quality of your life will improve in ways you never thought were possible.

How do you permanently heal from worry, negativity, and painful memories? 

If you are ready to feel empowered and in the flow of your life and purpose here, I can heal what troubles you. When I use my Pechet Healing Technique with you, I will literally dissolve your most important issues every session,  so that you can start to live your daily life in your natural flow, free from worry and unpleasant thoughts.

Everyone I work with notices a significant shift in their thoughts and feelings after each session. Most clients find that four to eight sessions are optimal in permanently healing their most challenging issues.

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