April 6, 2021
It's Time for the Tennis Community to Make Noise!
The Anne Arundel County leadership needs to know its citizens are anxiously awaiting action on construction of the Tennis Center at Millersville Park as promised.
$6.5 Million was approved in June 2019. We can not allow more delays.
To get the attention of our leaders, it is vitally important that you send the following message to ALL of our key County representatives and officials ASAP. (Email addresses below)

Dear County Executive Pittman, County Council Members, Director of Recreation and Parks Rick Anthony, Associate Director of Recreation and Parks Jessica Leys, 
I hope you are well and have been out on the tennis courts. Tennis grew 22% in 2020. Since 2019, players new-to-the-game have grown by 44% and players returning-to-tennis have grown by 40%. A public tennis facility is more than ever important to Anne Arundel County residents!
Where is our Tennis Center?
  • A need was established in 2013; a plan was adopted in 2015.
  • $6.5 Million was approved June 2019 for the Tennis Center at Millersville Park with construction planned to begin in 2020.
  • It’s April 2021. 
This is a County-wide project to support the need in Anne Arundel County for more year-round programming, after-school activities, summer camps, indoor recreation serving youth, adults, seniors, and underserved constituents.

Please get this project completed!
Thank you for all you do for Anne Arundel County,
In signing, you can identify yourself as a parent, youth, senior.. your County district (see below).
County Executive Pittman, Councilmember Allison Pickard, Councilmember Sarah Lacy (Chairman), Councilmember Nathan Volke, Councilmember Andrew Pruski, Councilmember Amanda Fiedler, Councilmember Lisa Rodvien, Councilmember Jessica Hair, Director of AAC Rec and Parks Rick Anthony, Deputy Director of AAC Rec and Parks Jessica Leys

expitt99@aacounty.org; allison.pickard@aacounty.org; slacey@aacounty.org; nathan.volke@aacounty.org; andrew.pruski@aacounty.org; amanda.fiedler@aacounty.org; lisa.rodvien@aacounty.org; Jessica.Haire@aacounty.org; rpanth49@aacounty.org; rpleys00@aacounty.org;

Link to find your County Council member: Who is My Councilmember?
Rec and Park's 5-year Survey
Reply "Tennis!"
by April 30th.
The County is writing its next 5-year plan and seeks input regarding the needs/interests of residents.

The number of residents who mention tennis, swimming, hiking, etc. will be counted and used to guide planning for park facilities in the years ahead.

Please respond with any version of "Tennis"
1) To support the new Tennis Center
2) To maintain existing tennis courts for tennis use 


Helpful Hints:
Go to Tab 3, PRIORITIES – slide the “Other” bar to the top position. You can then use the text “bubble” in the lower right to add text, “Tennis …” 

Go to Tab 4, FAVORITES -
"Outdoor Sports" gives the option to choose Tennis.
Spring Programming
Kicks off with HACA
Serving Up Tennis!
The Tennis Alliance begins its Outreach programming partnering with the Housing Authority of the City Annapolis (HACA) for the 2nd year at Peninsula Park in Annapolis.
April and May
  • Mondays 4pm -5:15pm
  • Wednesdays 1pm - 2:15pm

Volunteers needed
Contact Louise Thomas
Join Our Volunteer Team 2021!
No tennis experience is required. Help for one hour ... or more
Visit our signup sheet at SignUpGenuis to see opportunities.
Contact Louise Thomas at Lthomas@TennisAllianceAAC.org .
We Recycle Tennis Balls
We keep tennis balls out of landfills!
Email Randy Stevens to arrange pick up or drop totallytennis@hotmail.com
We Collect Donated Rackets
Racket pickup or drop is available!
Email Louise Thomas Lthomas@TennisAllianceAAC.org
We thank the USTA Foundation for their grant opportunity and we THANK YOU for your tax-deductible donation to support "Serving Up Tennis!"