A Note from Scott and Marsha
February 10, 2022
What a beautiful week despite the gloomy rain on Monday. We always say to check your plants during winter and water only during drought spells if needed. It feels like we won’t need to worry this year. The only thing necessary is a pair of cute rain boots! 

Last week, I was out of the office at an appointment and didn’t have my phone volume on. Once we left, I looked down to realize Doug, our landscape designer, had called me as well as sent a text. His question was, “Do you have the wheel?” 

My immediate thought was Carrie Underwood’s song and I chuckled. Doug would like the wheel. LOL.

My next thought was, “Uh oh. I do have the wheel…ssss.”

Long story short, Doug arrived at a property for measurements and design. He didn’t have a measuring wheel that is usually in the design car. Doug can’t reach me but not that it mattered because I wouldn’t have been able to drive the wheel to him. Doug calls the office and he is subtle in his irritation. LOL. This is why I love Doug. 

The next morning, I listen to his story of driving to find a wheel at two different stores. He is still a bit wound up but I nod, smile, and listen. I apologize and agreed that it is unacceptable and inconvenient for sure. And I truly meant it. 

The next morning, I remembered to check our home garage and return the wheel…ssss. Not only did I find one, but I found four. Yes, four. I kid you not. Scott had two and I had two. Why Scott had two, I still have no idea.

I arrived at work and dumped all the wheel…ssss in the back seat. I took a picture and sent Doug a text. It said, “Doug. There are five wheels in the car when I checked. I don’t know what your problem is and why you were acting like a baby yesterday.” 

He didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did. Some days, he leaves his sense of humor at home. Me? I bring mine every day for sanity’s sake

Speaking of wheel…ssss, you should hop in your fancy, shm-ancy wheels (aka, a car) and check out the new inventory for blooming trees, shrubs and perennials! We will blink and it will be spring. Who’s ready for it?! If you aren’t, well, don’t be ‘ranunculus’ :) Baahahahahahaaaaa
Tropical Tuesday
Every Tuesday in February all houseplants & succulents
are 10% OFF!
If you *heart* succulents, this beauty is a must-give! Because of it's thick, heart-shaped leaves, it comes as no surprise that the Hoya Heart has nicknames such as “lucky heart” or “the sweetheart plant.” It easily roots and can last months, often years, when given the proper care. Often used as a first timer plant, this leaf will always remain heart shaped. Very low maintenance and considered as one of the easiest plants to maintain, they need indirect light, water, and a container to grow. It's sure to make anyone feel loved and appreciated. Best Valentine’s Day gift for your bestie, loved one, or that special someone!
An elegant and hardy evergreen shrub, Pieris Japonica Flaming Silver offers something for every season! With the white variegation on the leaves of this shrub, the new growth looks like a burst of red flame in your gardening beds. They first flower in spring for gorgeous, white, chain-like racemes of downward facing, bell-like flowers. These flowers are what Pieris are known for before the bright colors start appearing in the new growth of this 'Flaming Silver' shrub. Even when the new leaves aren’t lighting up your space in the spring, the evergreen and white leaves make this shrub a year-round crowd pleaser! Great in shady or part-shade gardens.
Looking for a gift that lasts long after February 14th? Our Valentine’s Day pottery makes the perfect gift for that someone special! Our selection of pink and red pottery offers a stylish way to add color to any space. Pair with one of our Valentine's Day houseplants to complete your gift that will grow with love each and every day!
Upcoming Classes & Events
Thursday, February 17, 6PM

Have you ever wanted to learn more about North Carolina native trees and shrubs? You’re in luck! In this class, you will learn about the benefits of planting native trees and shrubs to your landscape and bring life to your garden.

Fee is $15.00/person, includes pruners

This class will be held in The Robin's Nest.

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Julia Fernandez, Garden Center Manager
Saturday, February 19, 10am

Your houseplants are doing well and you are ready to take your new hobby (or obsession) to the next level! FGS Plant Coach, Debbi Barrett, will address both the environmental and cultural needs of houseplants. Horticultural practices will be discussed so you can better choose plants to fit your lifestyle. We will also review potting options and how to spot and fix common problems. Be sure to bring your questions and concerns!

Fee is $15/person; includes a watering tool

This class will be held in The Robin’s Nest.

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach

We had such a great time last November with our FGS Holiday Market that we've decided to throw another one this spring!

Our FGS Spring Market date will be Saturday, March 26 and we wanted to invite YOU to submit your small business to be a part of this special day!

If you are a local crafter, musician, jewelry-maker, artist, baker, small business owner, or if you sell something not listed yet, please CLICK HERE to fill out a form letting us know you'd be interested in participating and/or getting on our waitlist.

More details about the event will be coming soon!

Spring Seasonal Garden Center Associates

For Garden's Sake is looking for new faces to join our team this spring season! If you like to work hard and have fun at the same time, these positions could be for you! Eager to learn? No experience necessary!

We are hiring in three areas: Cashier, Plant Care Associates, and Plant Coaches. If you are interested in any of these positions, we would love to meet you!

CLICK HERE to see the position descriptions and to apply!

Please note this is a seasonal position lasting from early spring to early summer.
Best of Durham 2022
Have you heard the news?! We've been nominated for Best Landscaper in Durham!

We are so honored to be considered for this and are asking for your help! Please show your support by voting for your favorites in Durham Magazine's annual Best of Durham poll before March 1! We hope you'll vote for us!

Here's how to vote:
-Head to the link
-Click on Services and Scroll Down to Best Landscaper
-Cast your vote for us and for all your Durham favorites!
Landscape Design and Installation
Relaxing, fresh, classic, elegant, simple… these are just a few of many characteristics that For Garden's Sake strives to achieve in our landscape designs. With every client having different needs, likes and desires, it is our job to listen and then translate those wishes from words… to paper… to reality.

Plant Tip of the Week: Cleaning Your Houseplants
Are you taking the time to clean your houseplants properly? It really is important! If not, we took the time to write a post about how to clean your houseplants just for you! Don't think of it as dusting. Think of it as relationship building!
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