Looking for that Lamb...
No offense to the king of the jungle but enough is enough! One of the best ways to warm up on these cool spring days is to think of and plan for the summer! So enjoy some of our Facebook photos from previous seasons while you start on your Summer of 2018 Bucket List!

Spring Hours

Starting March 31st we'll be offering guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays! We'll be open for rentals beginning with the first weekend in May. But if you have a group that you'd like to get on the water during the week, send us an email and we'll try to get it scheduled for you!

Sailing Clinics

This spring take the time to learn a skill you've always dreamed of doing and discover how easy it is to skim across the water using only the wind! Coastal Kayak will be offering a 3 session adult sailing clinic taught by an instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching sailing!

Even Cats Can Paddle!

Ever have someone tell you can't do something because you're too old or too young or too furry, etc? Don't listen! Bolt and Keel sure didn't! We love this video of these adventurous feline brothers...

How to Dress for Paddling this Spring

Believe it or not, immersion in water as warm as 50-60 degrees can cause what is called “Cold Water Shock”. If you capsize in waters at these temperatures or below, your body’s first reaction is to gasp for air, followed by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, and disorientation. In only a few minutes, your body can become incapacitated.
20% OFF
Enjoy 20% off any regularly scheduled weekend (Sat & Sun) guided eco-tour if booked by 4/30/2018. Must reserve on-line and use code TOUR2018.