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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 5, Issue 2  (May 8/14)
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2013-2014 Hire Learning Initiative in Review

business_people.jpg Beginning in April 2013, Workforce Planning Hamilton began the Hire Learning Initiative, which collected Hamilton's real-time local labour market information. The Initiative has two main components: quarterly job vacancy reports and the annual Hire Learning Survey.

Together, they give the Hamilton community a sense of where the jobs are now and where the jobs are likely to be in the coming year. While each component has been previously released and are available on the WPH website, this review looks at the year April 2013-March 2014 using both quarterly vacancy data and Hire Learning Survey results to provide an overall look at hiring demand trends in Hamilton.

Canada needs better jobs data, Auditor-General says

There are critical information gaps in Canada's job vacancy data, including what skills are needed and where, according to the Auditor-General's spring report released May 6th. While Statistics Canada reports job vacancies nationally and by province, it does not specify where these labour shortages are or details about the occupational classifications. 
Workforce Planning Hamilton helps to address these information gaps through our quarterly vacancy reports. 
Tips on Effective Mentoring

business_people5.jpgMany companies are recognizing that it makes sense to get older and younger employees talking, sharing knowledge and ideas, and combining perspectives in new and interesting ways.
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