Give & Get Fundraiser at Blick Art Supply Store on India and Fir St from April 28-June 4. When purchasing your own art supplies, pick out items from the Arts for Learning SD wishlist and donate them. Whatever supplies are in the Blick Donation Box(es), Blick will match!
Arts for Learning San Diego has an amazing partnership with Blick Art Supply, located in Little Italy on India & Fir Street - 1844 India St, San Diego, CA 92101! 

This weekend at the ArtWalk, Blick launched a Give & Get Fundraiser: 
  • This means that as you check out your art items at the store, you will have an opportunity to purchase art items from our A4LSD wishlist and put them in our donation supply box. 
  • Blick will MATCH these art supply donations.
  • Shop Blick Art Supply today and Support A4LSD!
This event is from April 28- June 4. Thank you in advance for your support!

The Arts for Learning SD Team

P.S. Blick Art Supply will MATCH your donations for up to $3000 worth of art supplies so please shop at Blick a lot during the next month. Your impact will be HUGE!

Blick Art Supply Store was an amazing host for this demo! 
Thank you Blick Art Supply!
Please shop at Blick Art Supply and Support A4LSD!
Blick Art Supply's 
Give & Get Fundraiser 
April 28 - June 4

Shop at Blick Art Supplies
Support Arts For Learning SD! 
  • Donate art supplies from the A4LSD wishlist,
  • and DOUBLE the visual arts impact for A4LSD students, families, and communities.
  • Blick Art Supply will MATCH the amount of supplies donated!

Location: 1844 India St, San Diego, CA 92101
Thank you Stacie Birky Greene 
for the Calder Fish Demo at the Blick Art Supply Store 
during the ArtWalk in Little Italy on April 30th! 
Store participants had a great experience!

Calder Inspired Fish using Blick Art Supplies:

Aluminum Wire

Twistez - Colored wire cutable with scissors

Napales Paper