May 5, 2021

Presently Global Missions is ministering in 47 countries.
Through the outreaches of Open Bible churches overseas,
22,142 people received Christ between 2019-2020.

We are honored to host two Open Bible ministries at Puente. MOVE Ministries, directed by Rev. Aaron Keller, has a team of 27 men here in Tijuana building a community feeding kitchen that is run by a local pastor and his wife. When their neighborhood leaders noticed the positive impact the church was making on the community, community leaders gifted the church with some land to build a larger feeding kitchen.
Missionaries Mike and Pam Lumbard, directors of the School of Global Leadership will be with us for four weeks. They are hosting a series of pastoral conferences every Monday evening. We had an amazing time of edification with local pastors Monday and cannot wait to see what the Lord does over the next few weeks.

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Maria, a woman that was in our Bible study group at the women’s prison a few years back, recently fell and broke her hip and femur bones. She has been confined to her bed and asked a friend to call Mary, one of our ministry staff, to go visit her and pray for her. Mary shared with us that Maria was in a lot of pain and was feeling discouraged. We asked Mary to pick up some groceries for her and had a wheelchair dropped off for her. Please pray for Maria’s complete healing.

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We praise the Lord for a man named Michel Solopovogui. He always rides along with us when we travel in Guinea. Over the years he has helped work on our car when it would break down and has changed a lot of flat tires for us. He is always there as a witness in case someone would try to bring any false charges against us there. Michel was a great help to us while we were in Guinea. When we were reroofing the church in Kalexe, Tom could trust him to go purchase supplies and find a truck to haul the items to the village. He also helped oversee the work being done and hold the workers accountable. It is not easy to find someone you can trust. We are grateful for Michel and his faithfulness to help us for so many years.

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I had such a sweet time sharing with West Des Moines Open Bible about ministering in the Middle East this past Sunday! I am so thankful for Pastor Andrew Bates and his wife, Victoria, for welcoming me and making me feel like part of the family. It was such an honor to see the fire and passion this church has for reaching out to the lost and partnering with them in this exciting work. Victoria shares: “It was incredible to see the heart of Jesus for others and His love manifest through beautiful vessels like Nicole. Nicole, thank you for your obedience to the call. Your life is an inspiration to us all.” Please pray for Nicole as she continues to itinerate in Central Region.

*Last name and location withheld for safety reasons.

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Thank you for your continued prayers and support for St. Vincent. We praise the Lord for your generosity in donating more than $15,000 towards relief efforts in St. Vincent. Field Director Conroy Jack, other pastors, and members from the three Open Bible churches are volunteering and ministering in evacuation centers. Please continue to pray for those living in St. Vincent as they are still feeling effects of the volcano. Click here to donate online or mail a check payable to Open Bible Churches to 2020 Bell Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50315, designated St. Vincent Aid, to help those in need.
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