Volume 5 Issue 2 | February 2020
By Tom Gullen
I know, I know, many of you weren’t even BORN yet.

There are things in life you remember EXACTLY where you were when they occurred. Most of these events were negative. I remember watching TV with my Dad when the Space Shuttle crashed. I remember being at Caribou Coffee when the planes flew into the World Trade Center. Some of these were happy events like the birth of my kids, the marriage of my daughter, and the Cubs winning the World Series.

On the night of February 22, 1980, I was at work in Carbondale, Illinois. My “college job” was working at Pinch Penny Liquors. There are very few growth industries in Carbondale, but I suppose liquor stores are one of them. It was a busy night with five or ten people in each line. While I was collecting money at the counter, the phone rang. It was my sister Kristi calling from Boulder. Immediately I think something is wrong with my Mom or Dad. “Hi Kristi,” I said. “I’m kind of busy right now…. everything OK?”

“Tommy, we just beat the Soviet Union,” she says. I then say back to her, “Kristi, what do you want? I am busy!” She says again, “Tommy, we just beat the Soviet Union!!”

At this point reality set in…. WE BEAT THE SOVIET UNION! I put the phone down and screamed to everyone in the place, “We just beat the Soviets in hockey!” The entire place erupted.
Congratulations and good luck to our Warriors and Warhawks teams advancing to the 2020 Illinois State Round Robin games this weekend!
Winnetka Warriors Advancing
Squirt 2
Bantam 1
Bantam Minor
Bantam Major
Northshore Warhawks Advancing
Warhawks 10U
Warhawks 16U #1
Warhawks 16U #2

Congratulations to the Warhawks #1 16U Girls! Not only did they clinch the 2020 NIHL / Blackhawks Tournament Championship by defeating the Chicago Bruins 2-0 in Joliet on Saturday, February 22nd, but they also captured the prestigious 2020 NIHL Presidents Cup Banner! Way to go, Warhawks!
Good Luck, Mites!
Congratulations and good luck to our Mite #2 and Mite #4 travel teams for making it to the championship tilts of the Chicago United Hockey League this weekend!

We are so proud of you!
Our Elite Spring Development Program is absolutely the best way to develop your player’s skills over the spring season!

The Jr. Warriors and Winnetka Hockey Clubs are pleased to announce our Spring Hockey programs. Our objectives are to offer a comprehensive program designed to improve each child’s fundamental skills, game skills, and confidence. Our programs will run from March 30 – May 20, 2020. We will offer programs for the following age groups: Mites (2012-14), Squirts (2010-11), Pee Wees (2008-09) and Bantams (2006-07). 

Click buttons below to view our Spring Hockey flyer and to register for Spring Programs. Please contact Administrative Director, Tom Gullen at tom@winnetkahockey.com with program questions.
We are pleased to offer a comprehensive Spring Program for Girls 7-19 years of age!

Our Elite Spring Development Program will feature fast paced practices conducted by the best coaches in the state. Program will run March 30 through May 20, 2020. All practices will be in a structured environment designed to challenge the player. The emphasis will be on building each player’s physical skills and mental understanding of the game on both a team and individual. Additionally, our program is designed to maintain a balance of other spring commitments while developing their hockey skills.

Click buttons below for our Spring Program flyer and registration. Please contact Administrative Director, Tom Gullen at tom.gullen@warhawkshockey.com with questions.
For Edge in a Faster N.H.L., Players Turn to Figure Skaters
By Matt Higgins, New York Times - Sam Reinhart was at a rookie showcase in Toronto two years ago, months after the Buffalo Sabres drafted him second over all. There to have his photo taken for the sports-card maker Upper Deck, he took part in a video promotion in which a figure skating coach put him and other teenage prospects through pirouettes and pairs routines while they were wearing hockey equipment.
The setup was meant to create comedy. But when Reinhart returns home to Vancouver for the off-season, he will work with a figure skater to prepare for a more serious role as an N.H.L. leading man.
Elliotte Friedman of 31 Thoughts recently shared the following text a minor hockey coach sent out to his team's parents a few weeks ago...
Hello Team, now that the regular season is over and we head into the final weeks, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some thoughts with you. First of all I want to say how honoured I am to be one of your kids’ coaches. We have a great group of kids who love to play and we have a lot of fun together. We are also very fortunate to have a team that wins more often than not. One of the challenges this presents as a coach is that it can limit some good coaching opportunities because I believe that some of the best coaching moments come through facing adversity and yes, losing. I hate to lose and I hope that nobody ever gets used to it, but adversity and losing provide great teaching moments, and reveals character not only in the players, but also in us as coaches & parents. For me the character development of your child is far more important than any pass made, goal scored or championship won.