Walking Beside Others
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Hello friend,

"In humility, consider others as better than yourselves". Philippians 2:4.

To be like Jesus is to walk with others. This is the way of discipling; the way of Jesus. To see the fruit of our global workers' lives, discover the gifting, beauty, and growing capacity in the friends they journey with.

Dan and Kerry Wiens, our Global Workers, are 10 years in on their mission work in South Africa, now managing Inundo Development, where they host and invest in leaders who will spread good news addressing food insecurity across the country and beyond.
WATCH Walking Beside Others

Dan and Kerry talk about Inundo, and introduce us to some friends who inspire them.
As with our Global Workers, you and I can grow to understand and embrace this challenge to journey with others.

  • Who comes to mind for you today?

  • How might you come beside them, that they might come to know the beauty and gifts God has placed within them?

In taking this step today, they too can come to know God's heart for them, and be discipled into offering themselves to the world, as we participate in Jesus' mission together.

For Global Workers who have stayed in place during COVID-19, and those who are continuing to encourage and build capacity in others by resourcing from Canada, it is such good news to see their relationships continue to grow in mutual love to the glory of God.

Take a moment now to thank Jesus for the privilege to participate in his mission. Thank God, too, for our Global Workers who are a part of our church, for the love of Christ they have for others, and for all the people around them they lift up and invest in, as we follow Jesus together on mission in the whole world.
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November 20th, 9AM MT
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