Learning from our Global Workers
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We are all becoming aware of how the Global Mission landscape is changing. As the Lausanne Covenant reminds us, now is the time for "the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to the whole world".

In the EMCC, we have a rich history of sending and supporting, leading, directing and giving. While this is an incredible legacy, there is also a new reality emerging in the world. We are called to participate together with the global church. One Challenge, a global alliance, reports that "75% of all cross-cultural workers are now coming from the Global South" [One Challenge, USA]. What could this mean for our participation in Jesus' mission? And where can we turn for help?

As the EMCC continues to discover how to participate in Jesus' mission with the global church, we can learn from those who are modelling a life of listening, trusting and obeying the Spirit in serving alongside brothers and sisters from other cultures.

Our Global Workers (a.k.a. Missionaries) from Canada, serving cross-culturally and internationally, provide us with a perspective, a posture and a mindset for how to walk together with the global church in mission. This week, we'll hear from them, and discover what Jesus might be saying to us about participating in his mission.


How have Global workers adapted and changed, to embrace new roles? The chart below describes stages of relationship between mission workers and a community of followers of Jesus that is formed in any given culture or context: Pioneer > Parent > Partner > Co-Participant.

For effective disciple-making in each culture and context where a new church is formed, cross-cultural workers shift to become peers in Jesus' mission, on a global team with brothers and sisters from around the world. This is true across the globe, and in our neighbourhoods too!
For the next three days, we will share stories, and the values that our Global Workers live out, as they model and inspire what is means to live missionally in context.

Be blessed as you participate in Jesus' mission today,
Coming Up...

Participating together with the Global church, our workers demonstrate the love of Jesus. This week we will explore a few of the sacrificial, servant-hearted, and Spirit-depending traits that are modelled by our cross-cultural mission workers.
Join Us Friday

We'll finish the week with a chance to pray with Global Workers.
November 20th, 9AM MT
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