"Hurt people hurt people" is a saying I think everyone should have at the forefront of their minds, especially during these evermore dystopian times, whether in your one-on-one personal relationships with friends, family or significant other, with colleagues at work, or when experiencing or observing the world at large.

Right now there are so many additional stresses on people for a variety of reasons, and so much being brought to the surface to confront within and around us being triggered by external circumstances and the transformative energies we are going through. Therefore, we need to be EXTRA understanding, patient, compassionate and loving with ourselves and others.

Another saying reminds us: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." We all have a multitude of influences that make us who we are and how we are behaving today. Unless we've done some deep inner work, and even if we have, we are messy humans and most people don't handle pressure, pain, and/or fear with grace and equanimity, so it's not pretty to say the least!

In other words, try to take a breath and calm your reaction and/or not react to the reaction of someone else or take it personally....and where/when possible talk it through and really LISTEN to yourself in order to communicate your truth effectively and/or be fully present so that you can actively listen and see things from the perspective of another.

We have to dig down more than ever to reveal and acknowledge our wounds - which are the sources of our triggers and reactions - and refrain from blaming, scapegoating or projecting onto others that which we ultimately need to heal within ourselves. Because if you're honest with yourself and take responsibility for your own peace and happiness, remember that the common denominator in any situation or relationship - especially if it is a recurring one - is YOU. Hence today's PGG essay ;)

The PGG Video of the Week is reminds you to learn from your patterns; the Instagram post is about being united in yourself in order to be united with others. or this bonus one about channeling your inner badass to face fear. And for the PGG Vibe of the Week, check out this live pre-cellphone version of Alanis Morissette's You Learn.

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Big hug <3

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