Hi LSRCC members and local businesses,

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted significant policy changes at all levels. We're here to catch you up and support business in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood.  Please see our COVOD-19 Business Resources  website for a comprehensive list of resources to aid your business during this time.
Shelter in Place Order, Closure of Non-Essential Businesses

This afternoon Governor Pritzker issued an executive order to shelter in place, closing all non-essential businesses starting Saturday, March 21st, at 5:00pm through at least April 7th. We looked through the executive order to provide some clarity on which businesses can stay open.   
Here is a link to the executive order, which we will summarize below:
Healthcare, public health, government, human service operations, essential infrastructure, and essential government function will remain open. Please review sections 7 through 10 in the linked order for a complete list of services that fall under these categories.
Essential Retail and Services 
Establishments that provide medicine, food (including restaurants), beverages (including alcoholic beverages), home supplies (including cleaning and personal care products), pet food/supplies, cannabis, transportation services (gas, car and bike supplies/repair), and financial services are allowed to remain open. Hardware stores, laundromats, delivery services, professional services (legal, accounting, real estate, and insurance), and transportation providers (including Uber, Lyft, etc.) remain open as well. Lastly, any business that provides supplies necessary for people to work from home, and any business that provides supplies or services necessary to support the previously mentioned essential businesses may remain open as well.
Restaurants that have transitioned to delivery or carry-out only can continue to remain open. Educational institutions can continue to provide distance learning options.   
Residents have been encouraged to stay home, but are allowed out to go to work, get essential supplies, walk pets, and exercise. Feel free to reach out to us for marketing support - local elected officials and media are eager to publicize innovative business practices and feel-good stories.  
This information is directed towards our member and local businesses, and for the sake of brevity is not exhaustive. For a comprehensive list, please see the linked Executive Order. You can also email me at jerry@lincolnsquare.org for additional support.

The following agencies have published questionnaires to solicit feedback from small business owners. Taking the time to respond will let them know where to focus their efforts when creating new policies for economic relief.  
We're also available and invested in your success. For further questions or individualized assistance, please email Jerry Mandujano, Neighborhood Services Director, at jerry@lincolnsquare.org
Thank you! 
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