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November 22, 2021

Weekly Highlights

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Poetry from the Upper Valley

Writing the Land: Poetry from the Upper Valley’s Special Places

Poets Hope Jordan, Christopher Locke, and Jessica Purdy read works inspired by properties conserved by the Upper Valley Land Trust in this November 3 event.

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Protecting the Vote: Race & Voter Suppression

Dave Daley, author of Rat F**ked, Why Your Vote Doesn't Count, Laverne Berry, producer of documentary Capturing the Flag, Prof. of Law Rebecca Green, specialist in election law, Othniel Harris, Regional Voter Protection Director, NC Democratic Party and others address consequential tech-driven gerrymandering across the U.S. under Republican-controlled state governments and its consequences for US democracy. Moderated by Dartmouth Government Prof. Michael Herron. WRIF Race & Elections series (2020).

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Which Lives Matter in the News?

What is “fake news”? What is truth? A call for a truer mirror in this lecture by former CNN editor David T. Z. Mindich, Prof. and Chair of Journalism, Temple University. Sponsored by Dartmouth’s Neukom Institute.

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Local Government on CATV 

Visit for local government and school board meetings live on cable, YouTube, streaming and at CATV On-Demand.

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CATV Podcasts

Listen to new episodes of SPARK and other popular CATV content now on CATV Podcasts. Got an idea for a podcast? CATV's getting set up to help you produce it!

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Wednesday 12/1 6-9pm

CATV at HACTC (or via Zoom)

Curious to learn how to give the ordinary that “cinema magic”? From depth of field to focal length, 3-point lighting to chiaroscuro, this workshop will help inspire you to paint with light to tell your unique story. 

Peter Ciardelli received his MFA in Media Studies (Film Production) from the University of New Orleans. He has worked on music video, commercial, television and feature film projects in a variety of capacities. 


Acting for the Screen

Friday 12/3 6-9pm 

or Sun 12/5 1-4pm

CATV at HACTC (or via Zoom)

Get out of your head and into the action. It is my mission to draw out your most alive, present, and proactive performance – embracing your uniqueness and channeling it into every role that you play. In this workshop we’ll explore the particularities of acting for the screen. 

Richard Waterhouse is an acting instructor at Brown University and University of the Arts. He is one of the founders of Fuller Road Artist Residency in Newbury, VT. Richard began his career as an actor and member of three professional acting unions before transitioning to teaching 25 years ago.


Digital Film & Video Editing

Wednesday 12/8 6-9pm 

or Sunday 12/12 1-4pm

CATV at HACTC (or via Zoom)

Shot video you don’t know what to do with?  Documentary footage at risk of never getting seen?  We will explore the magic of editing to help you make new meaning out of moving images. Participants can bring projects or practice on ours in the CATV media lab where we’ll get hands on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

Samantha Davidson Green (MFA, Film Production, UCLA) joined CATV as Executive Director in 2021, bringing her background as an independent filmmaker, public media television executive, and film and theater educator of K-12, Dartmouth and lifelong learners.


Fall Media Labs

Now open for enrollment

Fall Media Labs run through 12/8

$35/Lab, $90/3 or $150/all 7

Stretch new creative muscles or get back in shape while meeting fellow

Upper Valley media professionals sharing their trades and talents in master class-styled “media labs.” No previous experience required.

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Cold Reads & Hot Drinks Screenwriters' Group

with CATV

Monday 11/29 at 8pm

Briggs Opera House Lobby

Join us for our inaugural writing group get-together! All are welcome. Bring pages to share or just come meet us and check it out.

Organized by local filmmaker Cedar O'Dowd. No RSVP required!

Questions? Email

From around the region...


CATV partners with the Vermont Access Network for HD (high def) community-produced content on Comcast 1070 (VT) and streaming everywhere.

Protect Your Vote: No NH Gerrymandering 

NH Citizens for Progress calls for an independent redistricting commission in NH to protect voters rights. From NH independent producer Rick Maynard with Open Democracy's Brian Biehl.

The Infrastructure Bill's Impact on VT 

It’s not the old days when infrastructure meant roads and rails, says Sen. Leahy in his Nov. 8 press conference. Infrastructure means renewable energy, broadband, and climate resiliency. From our friends at Town Meeting TV at the Center for Media & Democracy in Burlington.

CATV supports lifelong learning to engage the tools of media for individual and community expression in the Upper Valley.

CATV's team also covers local community events, government, and school board meetings for cable and streaming. Contact us to get involved!

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